Early Morning Coffee

Beautiful Woman Enjoys Coffee This is a special time of year in spite of all its hectic pace, congested traffic, brawls over parking spaces, and time spent waiting in line to have gift wrapping done so you can support your child’s extracurricular organization. In spite of the added awkwardness and possibly uncomfortable and painful moments that arise when children spend their lives in two homes instead of one, this time of year is still something to be relished, cherished, savored, experienced. 

At this time of year, just like every other season throughout the year, I begin my day with my early morning coffee.  In fact, especially at this time of year it is a creature comfort of mine to wake early without the aid of alarm clock, while the house is still dark, pad barefooted out to the living room and turn on the Christmas lights.  All of them.  The lights on the tree, the lights under the tree, the lights on on the speaker, the lights above the piano, the lights on the bookcase and on the sofa table (which is not behind the sofa).

After turning on the lights, I stumble through the kitchen to the garage to let the dog out to the back yard; to her side of the back yard so she can do her morning business.  It is then that I get down to the important business of brewing my morning coffee.  While waiting for the coffee to brew (a task that seemingly takes forever), I start the fire.

There is nothing more wonderful, more peaceful and more serene than sitting on my couch looking at the serene glow of a festively decorated Christmas tree, coffee mug in hand, while the fire crackles and snaps warmly, reassuringly, comfortingly in the fireplace.  Surely, come what may, everything will be okay.

j0430486 In these early morning weekend hours, I build kingdoms, establish a million possible futures, rewrite my past mistakes while retaining all the lessons learned and never, ever do I write the kids out of the picture.  In these early morning hours, I consider how things were just two short years ago when I had to go begging food at the local church food pantries in order to keep food in my progeny’s bellies while paying off, what seemed an overwhelming and insurmountable mountain of debt; most of which wasn’t even mine. In these early morning hours, I reflect on how slowly but surely things have improved.  I appreciate the strength I’ve mustered from somewhere deep within to prune back all to the bare bones, to re-evaluate my life and adapt, adjust, reinvent when needed but mostly to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one burned meal on the table after another and to simply show up and be counted in the world one more time for one more day, often, when I wished I didn’t have to.

I know I am not alone.  Not in my enjoyment of early morning coffee; not in my surviving divorce and the crushing financial realities that often follow. 

And, so, you see…the moments of this season that are lit with the shining light of gratitude, appreciation and mostly hope are to be treasured above all and enjoyed in quietness and solitude with an early morning cup of the dark, liquid brew we all know as coffee. 

j0441005 Plenty of time for the traffic jams, the long lines, the noise and the piped in holiday music that triggers my gag reflexes better than sticking my finger down my throat.  For now, it is me time.  It is the height of the holiday season here in my quiet little living room, fire warming the house, tree aglow and coffee warmth in my hands and on my tongue.  I’m thinking how bad it was and how far I’ve come. 

I’ve survived.  Till the next big thing anyway, but I’ve survived thus far.  If I can, you can too.  Just keep getting up every morning.  Just keep going to work.  Just keep doing the daily stuff.  Pretty soon it stacks up and things do get better.  They always change.  Misery and pain are never permanent.

Even though I can’t afford even the best deal on a new HDTV or the latest in iPhone technology, even if I can’t afford the latest killer deal on the surround sound theatre system or the family package trip to Mexico for the holidays, even if I’m going to have to continue watching every expenditure like the proverbial hawk for a few more years…I am grateful. 

And in spite of my inability to enter into the spending fray of the season with abandon, I’m still celebrating.  I’m still joyous and maybe even more so because I can’t “spend” on material things.  This situation I’ve found myself in has, as my mother would have once informed me, been a “blessing in disguise”.  I’ve learned to be so much more appreciative of what I have.  I value the little things so much more. 

The little things.  Like a red ornament hanging on a fake tree that was purchased without using a credit card or overdrawing the bank account. The little things like two siblings who usually tear each other down in sibling squabbles playing a board game together with me for hours without one demeaning comment. 

The little things, like a warm cup of coffee on a cold wintery morning with a warm fire blazing.  Coffee, mug and firewood all paid for. Little things.

The joy in my life and the contentment in my heart and my hopeful outlook about the future…not such little things. 


j0406570 Coffee Drinker’s Prayer?

Caffeine is my comfort; I shall not doze.
It maketh me to wake on early mornings:
It leadeth me beyond to get up and go to work.
It restoreth my energy:
It leadeth me in the paths of consciousness for its name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the weary, overworked and under rested,
I will fear no Equal™ or other sugar substitute:
For thou art with me; thy creamer and thy stir stick, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a 20 oz. venti with an extra shot before me in the presence of  Starbucks:
Thou anointest my day with clarity, at least more than I would have had without you; my mug runneth over.
Surely aroma, flavor and warmth shall follow me all the days of my life:
And I will dwell in the Mocha Mansion forever.

17 thoughts on “Early Morning Coffee

  1. When I entered my last degree work, I needed to choose an accompanying drug. For every time you go to college, you must have that drug of choice, right? This time I chose coffee and I have never looked back. Coffee warms not only my cognitive juices and awareness but also my heart and soul. It brings me back into memories. It takes me ahead toward my goals. Now if I could only get my hands on a fire place…. 🙂


  2. So much here that I can relate to. So much here that is my life too. Your words are wonderful. I am so glad a friend pointed me in your direction.

    Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and think of all of us enjoying your words!


    1. Nicki! Oh, your comment was even better than a warm cup of coffee and made my day…which started off without a morning cup of coffee and me running 45 minutes late. It was definitely a Monday! It’s good to hear words like that after days like I had today. Okay, it’s great to hear words like that anytime, but especially after days like today.
      I’m glad your friend pointed you here too!
      I will definitely take your advice.


      1. TheWildMind – I am so glad my words could help. Monday wasn’t bad here but Wednesday was a bit harrowing but it is over now and I had coffee this morning. 🙂


        1. Lol! Nicki~
          Monday for me…45 minutes late to a training that I got the starting time wrong about…didn’t get my coffee.
          Tuesday…on time…barely got my coffee…chugged the first cup down as I’m reviewing notes from the sub and welcoming students.
          Wednesday…the same as Tuesday. Got coffee but had to mainline it in order to feel any effect.
          Thursday…workshop…didn’t get my 20 oz. before showing up so I had to relegate myself to the mini sized cups that were provided.
          Friday…that’s tomorrow. I’m hoping it’ll be more like Tuesday and Wednesday instead of Monday or Thursday.
          Saturday…ahhhhh!!! Simply looking forward to that is all I can say!


    1. Jessica,
      My dad used to drink iced coffee in the summers when I was a child. I couldn’t for the life of me understand it. Now we have Starbuck’s making a mint on that very idea. I still don’t get it.


  3. Well – I’m afraid my coffee got spiked (who did that???) at some point today, and there was some liquid, flippant play…


    (And jassnight has something there – I think you need to bring your wood hoarding discussion back to the, uh, fore.)


    1. More Bahahahahahaha! BLW,
      I have been considering how nice a seasonal “yule log” is after a comment you made a bit ago. LMAO!
      I am in need of another early morning (or any time of day really) wood delivery as I’ve nearly burned through all the wood he left last time. (OMG! I can’t even stand it! The places this could, and probably will go!)
      Yes, yes indeed. A post is brewing.


  4. Wild Mind, I relate to so much yo write as a single dad. Enjoying my coffee here this morning with a deeper sense of the moment thanks to your writing!


  5. Great post Wild Mind. For me, the connection between coffee (an every day occurance ) and the rest of my life is clear. I’m either a) on the couch before my daughter wakes up reflecting on the past day and the day ahead, trying to make sure I’m grateful for what I have, not resentful for what I don’t, or b) drinking my coffee with my little on in my lap knowing that what I have at that moment can’t get any better. 🙂


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