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5 thoughts on “Intellectual Property

  1. Can I borrow the post about the donkey show you went to in Mexico, and how you got that tattoo of the unicorn smoking a blunt and punching a hobbit?


  2. TWM,

    First, no BS, I fell into this/your blog and I haven’t been able to leave for the last two hours. My cats are hungry and sitting here waiting for me to push back from the keyboard. Alas, I have this one final thing to do, make contact with you, as the provider of such wonderful reading. (I think I wrote a very large run-on sentence, sorry)

    I have had an email address since 1982, well before the Web. The first community I joined and still belong to is, The Well.

    I started my first, kind of blog, a few years ago. I have never really known what to call it. The idea for me was to post about how I could live my life in my spiritual manner as I fought what has turned out to be a six year war with cancer. As of a couple of weeks ago, I am in remission. I am not working, which is tough on the budget, but, I now have to have my body put back together after this battle. Trust me, we used half Eastern medicine, a good bit, of course of Western medicine and some things that just don’t fall anywhere in what people might call medicine. A quick example or two: for my cancer, and the doctor who told me it was too late, was not on my team of eight doctors, who every month had a phone teleconference with each other and with me. And, in their combined experience, we found some more healthy ways to fight this cancer.

    We found that is I exercised and got to my training heart rate of 173 beats per minute, we killed off a couple of million of these cancer cells. Of the 104 pills I take every day, all but about 18 are some very odd supplements. Things I have never heard of, but they have worked and they come, mostly, from the Native American tribe Cherokees. Now, they are in pellets. And they work.

    The pain was never expected. I can not describe my day as far as pain goes. It is beyond what I would have thought was possible. But I am here.

    That background out of the way, I thought I would start a blog on my Random Musings – a simple name for a blog that would most likely be short posts, with links to good sites, and the occasional post of disbelief. Such as when the military just sent out to it members how they feel about gay men and women being allowed into the military. Since when has the military ever been a democracy. I grew up as a very happy army brat, having lived in more places than I can name. My colonel father was the most far left leaning man I knew. My mother, a bit further. So, that is where I fall. I wanted to share some of that in this new blog.

    But, after spending two hours here, in your space, I see that I don’t have any real blogs. Sure, I have posts, and maybe in the one about trying to live in my spiritual principles there are true blog posts. But, nothing like the talent and choice of topics that you have written about so wonderfully.

    In my career, which I doubt I will get back to, copyright was a major issue. Not only in what we used, but, in what was taken from us. Finally, if a potential client wanted a detailed creative treatment with the main proposal the fee was between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on depth. That weeded out those who were not serious.

    I come to you that knowledge. I do not want to borrow anything from you, but your name and your link, along with my near begging to the reader to click the link to get to a real blog and to be mesmerized by what you have here.

    May I do that?

    Traveling mercies,

    Stephen Carey
    P.S. I just reread this and it doesn’t follow any English guidelines I am aware of, very sorry. It truly is the pain and the meds and the getting sick to my stomach and all of that. And, I am pleased to have those symptoms (though the pain has brought me to the brink of my extinction, stopped only by the electric paddles in the hands of a great EMT and the builder of the respirator that gave me air for a week.) In that parenthetical note, I feel no shame, nor remorse, for at that time it all made sense. What I am very sorry for may seem silly, but it is not. In order to save my life, the EMTs, the police, and the firetrucks had to race here. That put them in danger, as it did with the other vehicles in their path. I am sorry that I endangered them. And, I have made my amends to them, but, the feeling of guilt still lingers at times. Life is odd.


    1. Stephen,
      Wonderful comments. I am so pleased you stopped by and enjoyed my blog. I am impressed with your journey and your thoughts about it. I must follow you over to your site. Expect to see me there soon! Of course you may provide a link to my blog and mention my name. I would love it if you would do that. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of your story. Come back soon!
      The Wild Mind or TWM


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