Meet The Wild Mind

Still Wild After All These Years

This blog began in 2008 as an attempt at creating an interesting title for a blog with no clear purpose other than to give the author the opportunity to practice writing daily. Had I realized, at that time, how many times the words randommusings and wild showed up in blog titles, I might well have considered a different name. The moniker stuck because more than anything throughout this blog journey, I’ve come to realize that my thinking is often all over the board. Staying focused is a challenge for me.  I’m working on it.

This blog is my writing playground.  All the opinions expressed here are my own and are evolving. They are not the opinions of my employer or any other entity than myself and represent nothing other than me spouting off my big digital mouth, hopefully, in a way that is positive and encouraging…mostly.  Looking back, some of it is not stuff I am necessarily proud of or pleased with, but I’m a work in progress and this blog reflects that. Please, remember that one of the writer’s prerogatives is to choose to write realistic fiction: not everything you read here is entirely factual.

If you’d like to contact me you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or leave a comment on one of the posts.   I’d love your  respectful, thoughtful feedback.



Revised March 2012.  Revised again, October 2015.

31 thoughts on “Meet The Wild Mind

  1. Concerning the entry entitled “Meet the Wild Mind,” and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to, I’m afraid I feel compelled to ask whether you really are a ‘random wanderer,’ as you have suggested. It seems to me this is a misnomer, or merely faulty syntax. A random wanderer, to my way of thinking, is one who randomly wanders … either physically or mentally. You seem to be alluding to a wandering in the mental realm. But I don’t think that your efforts to make sense of the senseless or de-sense-itizing the sensible would necessarily characterize your wanderings as random. On the contrary, I would suggest that the propensities of your mind to latch onto certain subjects (in which you recognize sense or the lack thereof) are reflective of a very specific and finite range of concerns particular to your mind; within that specific and finite range, there may be a bit of randomness at play, but your wanderings are not purely and strictly random because I would venture to say that your mind is making considered and deliberate choices to wander only upon the well beaten path where you are most comfortable. If your wanderings were truly random, you would be susceptible to finding yourself confronting (and entertaining) a subject that your own mind would never willingly confront or entertain. Has that happened? If so, bring those on … those are the ones I’d like to hear about. But how could it happen? You are not capable of randomizing your own choice of topics, unless you have a wheel of fortune you spin for a subject (but even then, it would have been your own mind that had devised the wheel and chosen the subjects). No, I’m afraid that for true randomness, the choice of subjects must come from without, and not from you. And that’s all I have to say about that.


  2. Hmmm, Kip~
    You make a great point about the authentic randomness or, rather, the lack of authentic randomness of my blog topics. Agreed. To be completely random, if we accept your definition of random, then the ideas cannot be my own. You’re on…and anyone else who would like to try submit suggestions for topics. Give me your ideas for blog posts and we’ll go with it.

    P.S. Of course you could always just start your own blog, but what fun would that be? This is more like that communication activity where you look at the picture and have to give me good enough directions so that I can replicate the picture exactly without ever seeing it. Only in this case, neither of us have the picture.

    Wow! What fun! I’m creating a new page just for this experiment. We’ll see if it takes. If it does…it will all be your fault. LOL!



  3. Okay, Cat, Ms. Wild Mind, Ma’am,

    Regarding your solicitation for ‘random’ ideas.

    How about pondering the not-too-distant time when all the senior posts in our government are occupied by women and the emasculating effect this will have on the preponderance of males remaining in the House and Senate? This seems to me inevitable, given the evidence that we seem to be growing more enlightened with each new election year, and given that deep down we all sense the superior wisdom of women in the areas of interpersonal dynamics that characterize so much of politics, foreign relations, etc.

    How about pondering the place of Art in our society? Versus so much of what passes for Art nowadays. (… yes, this subject is old and tired, but your observations will undoubtedly be fresh.)

    How about pondering the intelligent and stimulating programming that will replace reality TV and moronic sitcoms?

    How about the Wild Mind’s response to a known sex offender moving in just a couple doors away from where she and her four children live?

    That should be enough randomness to get you started. Take it away, Catwoman!!


  4. I tried to inject randomness into your musings, but you have eschewed all suggestions. I guess you just don’t want to be truly random. But wait … can specific suggestions forwarded by an external source qualify as random? I’m not sure they can. I mean, you would be deliberately electing to write a few words on a topic that another person has proposed, admittedly a topic you did not know of before receiving it, but can that really be considered random? I don’t know. I am all randomed out. Hey … that word’s starting to sound funny. Never mind.


  5. Thanks for the comments you left Cat. I went looking for a 3 column theme. With all the stuff I wanted to add in the sidebar, it was getting very long. I wanted to keep the most interesting stuff near the top.


  6. Hi Cab, Love the new picture!! Are you still dating the guy you mentioned, if so it definately agrees with you!


    1. Carter,
      Which guy? 🙂
      And…I wasn’t dating anyone when these pics were taken.
      So, maybe that’s what is agreeing with me. 🙂


  7. AW Cat, You Mean that I have been possibly flirting with a woman impersonator? Oh well, you’re still great! I Hope that you are hiving a wonderful Thanksgiving!


    1. Na, Carter, I was just kidding about impersonating a woman online. I’m definitely female, though my ex always accused me of being the one to “wear the pants in the family”. I always told him, “Well, someone has to!”
      Yeah, he didn’t like that much. 😀
      I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you did too!


  8. I knew that you are definately female! My Thanksgiving was Great! And darlin’, if you wear the pants, it would be fun to peel them off occasionally! HEHE!


    1. Single Mom Seeking,
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll be back again. I did spend some time over at your “place” today and really enjoyed it. Also, checked out your book with the link you provided. It’s on my Christmas List!


  9. Hi Cat – it’s been a while but it’s so nice to see you still happily blogging away. Hope you and fam have been and are well.

    best wishes,



  10. as one of your highschool classmates i am very proud of you, your writing is inspirational and a real joy to read, i would have loved to talk more at the reunion, certainly my loss but perhaps next time.



    1. Dan,
      Words cannot express how your words moved me. I felt I spent most of high school being unnoticed, especially by those I most wanted to notice me and to care. It is wonderful to be noticed by you and others for my writing. Your words validate the efforts I put forth. My desire in all I write is to encourage, inspire and impart some small measure of hope. Because of you and other like you who encourage me, I will keep writing in spite of the oft experienced discouragement that goes with the territory.
      Now, we didn’t get to talk at the reunion, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t get to know each other better now. 🙂 I would have loved to have spent time talking with you too!


  11. Hey you,

    Would like to say hey pers. See how you and those gorgeous kids are doing. My final trip over next year and will be visiting friends on the hill. Call, Skype, Email me… whatever.
    Skype +61437037782 or the home number.

    Really, really hope you do. I’d love to say bye to the one I still love but got away xx


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