A Healthy Lifestyle? Yeah, About That.

j0442430Several months ago (wow, has it really been that long?), I began my journey toward fitness and a healthier lifestyle. The idea of Looking Good Naked was not the goal, but the catalyst that drove me to consider more than just getting skinny but getting fit and, more importantly, healthy. 

I had a great start.

Just as I anticipated my schedule during the month of February killed it or slowed my progress so significantly it…well…killed the forward or downward progress I was making. 

I can make excuses for this and, as an excuse for making excuses, say that I’m attempting to analyze where I went wrong in order not to make the same mistakes from here on out.  But, let’s get real.  I’m going to make some excuses here.

First excuse, my time, or schedule got away from me. 

It did.  There were days there were I was working 16 hours a day, not getting home until 8:30 at night and then having to deal with attending to three children with their various needs for attention and care.  Fortunately, the two older ones were able to fend for themselves, but they still needed some contact time and the nine-year-old really needed the whole bath, bedtime routine thing.  By the time all that was done there was no time for workouts for me.  Furthermore, I was wiped out, which leads to excuse number two.

I didn’t plan ahead for meals. 

j0399199Poor scheduling or over-scheduling led to poor shopping which led to inadequate or poor meal  preparation which led to more eating out than I should have or quick, unhealthy meals (like spaghetti) that didn’t quite move me in the direction I wanted to be headed.  Furthermore, they made me feel lethargic. Excuses number one and two combined, led to excuse number three.

I got sick, several times.

I’m not normally a sick person, but the crazy existence I was living especially during February eroded my immunities, I think, and left me susceptible to every cold or virus the kids brought in the classroom.  Of course, I wasn’t keeping up on either food planning or workouts at that point and that gave rise to my fourth excuse for not making progress toward my goals.

I started missing workouts.

Yeah, well, everyone who ever began a workout program knows how this slippery slope goes.  Skip one, then the next time it becomes easier to skip then the next is even easier until you are merely looking at the fitness video case instead of pushing play.  Pass another bag of that really unhealthy popcorn disguised as a healthy snack and let me down the whole thing as I ponder whether or not I have enough energy to even change into workout clothes let alone do the whole routine.  Yeah, you get my drift.  By the middle of February, the Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle so stopped. 

Enough of the excuses.

Fall down.  Hurt self.  Sit down for a minute and get bearings.  Get up.  Look around.  Refocus.  Keep walking.

j0145598Enough.  I’ve vented, got it off my chest, I’ve bemoaned my fate long enough.  I can’t beat myself up over it.  As Rafiki, from The Lion King, would say, “It’s in the past!”  Yes, it is in the past.  What is done is done and I am done making excuses or beating myself up because I failed. (It actually feels good to get it out there.) I made the choices I did and my healthy life isn’t over, just delayed. I didn’t go backwards, but I made progress and then stopped.  I’m moving forward today, right now.  I have a plan.  I will…

  • Plan ahead for the busy weeks (and there are plenty of them coming up).
  • Plan ahead for meals.  This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Plan workouts in advance so I can schedule around those coming long days when I am out consulting in the evenings after a full day in the classroom.
  • Drink water and get lots of rest and keep up on my supplements.
  • Make the most of Spring Break by working out and eating smart.

So, with that being said, I’m done here for today.  I have to go work out.  I’ve been momentarily distracted, but I haven’t caved and given up.  That’s definitely a good thing. I know I can do this!j0402666

9 thoughts on “A Healthy Lifestyle? Yeah, About That.

    1. You’re right, Nicki. Pressing on. Today I’m going to capitalize on the good weather and not having to report to work. An extra long brisk walk to get me back in the mode!


  1. you can DO IT!! 🙂 While I may be a self-professed workout-a-holic…I DO TOTALLY get it about routine…once you fall out of it, it is REALLY hard to get back into, so while I try to stick to a regular schedule, when I have off days, the next morning, I am thisclose to throwing in the towel and not working out…but I know once you get yourself situated, you’ll be great – you have all the right ideas, as you note above, right on 🙂 My pep talk for the day heh.


    1. You are a workout-a-holic! Truth be known, I used to be, too. You wouldn’t know it to look at me but I used to train for triathlons. Two miles in the pool a day AND I’d either cycle 22-26 miles or run 5+ miles each day. Yeah, that was before I had a real job, a marriage, kids, and the worst of it…LAUNDRY!!! LOL!
      Fortunately, muscle has memory and I am trusting those early years of working out and weight training will serve me well on my journey back. I do bounce back, I just usually find that I’m fighting the schedule and the meal planning (something I’ve always been horrible at doing).


      1. Wow, your routine would steamroll mine for sure 😉 Impressive!! I wish I could swim so I could attempt a triathlon but I can’t swim…as sad as that sounds, literally, I don’t know how! Terrible.


  2. Good for you!! I know you will do it!!

    As for meal planning: do you have a crock pot? I have some excellent recipes that I could send your way!


  3. I’m chiming in late here but had to give you a shout-out on your journey towards fitness. Honestly, the ONLY reason I’m able to be as into it as I am is because its my “thing” – the only “thing” that I do. I don’t have kids. I don’t have crazy schedules to keep plus theirs. I have a husband who supports my desire to workout and we work around schedules if needed, or we workout together, if time permits. So – I have it easy in comparison, and have NO excuse not to workout, ever ever, in all honesty (except when I’m super-sick or something). You, on the other hand have so many legit reasons not to workout yet here you are pushing ahead! Just remind yourself of that next time you get frustrated at a missed workout. You got this. 🙂


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