The Beautiful Blogger Award


I received this beautiful award from my favorite blogger Big Little Wolf at her Daily Plate of Crazy!  This humbles and delights me for so many reasons.   

If you write it, they will come, is a saying I use when I think of blogging in general.  I don’t know if it is true, but it seems that the most successful bloggers write something every single day.  In particular, this truth applies to my own blog.  My stats go way up when I write.  When I don’t write, well, the stats reflect my absence by reporting an absence of visitors to my blog. It’s the reality of blogging, but as every blogger knows, the writing is the easy part.  Assuming the writing is decent, all other things being equal, what makes or breaks a blog is visitors who comment.  Well, that is, if you are actually writing for an audience instead of talking to yourself online. 

I’m not really much of a blogger. I admit it.  No, that’s not a self-effacing comment, it really is true.  I don’t know a thing about SEO, I don’t pay attention to optimizing my posts, my titles or my subtitles.  I don’t even write daily, and there are many, many people out there who write far better than I do.  I can take it.  It’s the truth.  It doesn’t mean I’m a poor writer (though, I’m definitely sloppy at times), but I have no grand illusions about my ability.  As for the blogging end of it, I neither have time and knowledge (yet) to do what it takes to drive traffic to my blog in big numbers.  Because of all this, it is especially rewarding when someone comments on my blog about something that resonated with them.  It is even more gratifying when I get a blog award from someone who enjoys what I write.  It is completely humbling to receive an award from someone I admire so much. 

So, Big Little Wolf, thank you so much for the award.  It means a great deal to me to even be read by you let alone considered a Beautiful Blogger!  I’m incredibly pleased and humbled. You are, to me, one of the most beautiful people I know. So, again, thank-you.

Now, as for who to pass this award on to?  That’s going to take some time and thought.  There are so many beautiful bloggers out there to choose from!

7 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations!! You deserve this!!

    And, how many people actually understand this blog thing? I think it is all about finding your voice. I think you have found yours!


  2. You ARE a blogger, you are a beautiful writer, and let’s be honest, the majority of us aren’t “bloggers” in a professional sense whatsoever, it’s just about getting out our thoughts, sharing them, and sharing our own journeys with each other. Love your blog!!


    1. Thanks! I do appreciate the kudos. I truly wasn’t fishing for them. There are some amazing writers out there in all different genres who know a lot more than I ever will. Even so, it does feel good to hear the praise and get the awards, especially from such amazing bloggers. And as far as loving blogs, back at ya, girl!


  3. You’re a sweetheart. And I love visiting your Wild Mind. Beautiful – on any day.

    And good for you getting back to the workouts today! Bravo! It’s so hard getting back up again (says the woman who hopes she will, one more time, if possible).

    So cheers. Enjoy a good healthy glass of OJ. You deserve the award. Enjoy spring break. (And put a few drops of champagne in the OJ and have at it!)



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