Two Men In My Bed

If he is comic, it is only because of the incongruity of so demure a look and so wild a heart.  ~Alan Devoe

1243928_97069126 I am not a morning person.  Wait! Under certain circumstances I might be considered very much a morning person, but even so, the term night owl is still more likely to refer to me.  I do my best thinking at night, usually because that is when my busy world finally becomes quiet.  Because of this,  I usually come to consciousness each morning, slowly, gradually. 

This morning was no different.  I realized I was awake before my eyes actually opened.  I felt the slight pressure on my legs of another being in my bed, then another weight between my legs.  Yes, most definitely, there were not one but two men in my bed and both of them there at the same time! It was only moments before some serious tussling activity ensued, around me, on top of me, beside me.  My two male cats were at it again wrestling, scrapping, clawing and scratching playfully as two young cats will do. 

I’ve never been much of a cat person really.  For pets, I’ve always chosen dogs.  This summer, a friend of mine had a cat that got out and as cats will do, this one ended up pregnant.  From the get-go she began working on me to take one of the kittens.  I already had a dog.  A cat was not something I needed.

1081424_17150445 To make a long story short, she convinced me.  Or more accurately, she convinced my youngest daughter.  Upon the condition that I would not have to touch the litter basket and that I would not be responsible for that mess, I agreed to take one kitten.  So, my youngest daughter and I went over to my friend’s house and chose our kitten when it was only a few weeks old.  When the kittens were old enough, we went to pick up our new little fluffy member of the family.  As we were doing so, I noticed one of the brothers frolicking around.  It was a cute little black tabby thing with gold eyes.  I was irresistibly drawn to this little guy and, you guessed it, instead of coming home with one cat, I came home with two. 

I have not yet regretted this act of complete impulsivity. Some would call it insanity and in my BC life (Before Cats) I would have agreed. Not so, these days.  The kids have been absolutely terrific about keeping the litter box cleaned out daily.  Feeding them is no chore nor is keeping the water dish full. We have one of those watering tower things and that works perfectly. I am absolutely certain that rodents will not venture near my home anytime soon so the presence of my cats serves a utilitarian purpose, but they also add a positive emotional dimension to our home. 

Cats are both wonderfully affectionate and yet very independent. Unlike a dog who will jump up and pounce all over you, licking and slobbering before you’ve even set your laptop down a cat will sit on the couch or by the wall staring silently at you as you enter the abode after a long day of work.  A cat will not run and pounce excitedly smothering you with affection before you’ve had a moment to relax.  A cat waits.  A cat watches.  A cat might follow you from room to room enjoying your presence.  Once settled, a cat will gracefully rub up against your legs, curl up in your lap or beside you on the couch.  A cat somehow stays connected, but remains independent. 

I love that about my cats. They truly are two cool cats.  I never thought I’d ever be a cat person, but I’m afraid I’ve been won over by these two characters.  It is so nice waking up to something warm, cuddly and soft each morning.  It does a great deal to stave off the loneliness I often experience when the kids are away for extended periods of time as has been the case this holiday.  I don’t feel so completely alone.  There are other creatures in my life giving to me and me to them in a caring and nurturing way.

And…until the day comes (if it comes) when I am instead waking up to something warm, cuddly and hard and human…these two boys do a great deal to put a smile on my face each morning with their antics.  Granted, they aren’t the same kind of antics I would otherwise someday hope to enjoy again, but then there are many ways of enjoying life aren’t there? 

The Wild Mind

Cats come and go without ever leaving.  ~Martha Curtis

You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.  ~Jane Pauley

13 thoughts on “Two Men In My Bed

  1. Ahhh bed cats – A common necessity here in the north-east. Two warm fuzzy fur balls sleeping between your legs, your back, your stomach, vibrating with their purr. Who needs a man (or a woman for that matter) when all that comes without the complexity and compromise of a relationship? Don’t answer that!


    1. Uh, yeah, well, jassnight, you got it right there. With cats you don’t have to worry whether or not the guy will call you the next day. You don’t have to worry about when the gal will dump you for her ex-lover and, well, wait…did I just see you drop that vibrate word in there so inocuously? You rascal you!


  2. I am also not a cat person. Yet, it seems cats love me. They curl up on my lap whether at the kitchen table or on the couch watching a movie. Who knows what they see in me, or rather what that one cat sees in me, but as long as I do not end up with claw marks (I do currently have a couple on my leg), I am happy.


    1. I’ve come to love the claw marks, Nicki! Had a colleague tell me that she thought they were rope burns. She’d noticed my hands in a meeting and was going to say something in jest. I’m rather glad she didn’t…but then that’d be the colleague who swears she doesn’t have a swing in her bedroom either. LMAO!


      1. Well, the scratch marks I have are on my thigh so I don’t think any co-worker will be commenting on them. I should have known better than to stand up without moving the cat first. LOL!


  3. I grew up with two Siamese and a small half poodle/half pom mutt. They would chase each other all around the house and wrestle until they were wore out, then fall to sleep together in a tangled pile of dog and cat parts. At night they would come into my room. The female siamese would crawl under the covers and go to the bottom of the bed to wrap herself around my feet while the male laid between my side and my arm with just the tip of his nose sticking out of the covers near my armpit. The dog would curl up on top of my belly and start snoring away. I still miss them.


    1. Yep, Custis, I get how cuddly animals in bed can be. I tend to sleep on my stomach with my entire body spreadeagle (I know, not a good look). I always end up with one cat on top of the covers right between my legs and another one at my shoulder. It’s pretty dang cute. I thought it would be annoying, but I’m pleasantly surprised, actually. And…the best part? My cats make no unnecessary demands on me. I could write a whole post about that! LOL!


  4. I love cats and dogs, but I admit I’m a bit more of a dog person. On the other hand, cats are lower maintenance – but oh, the personalities! They are certainly very much their own creatures. (Could I borrow one for the mouse-in-the-house? My kid set a humane trap last night, and no mouse. I think we have a PhD mouse. It may require a gang of cats, or more peanut butter. Or a man to move in, so I can jump on a chair in cute shoes and scream eek. Hey, a girl can dream.)


  5. Yea, I for one, would be more demanding than the cat. I remember Sam, the male siamese, loved chopped raw onions and would eat them by the bowl full, then he would let out silent-but-deadly farts that could empty the Dodger stadium. He would be curled up in a corner on the floor, fast asleep. Suddenly, with incredible speed, he would leap to his feet and vanish out the kitty door at sub-light speed, a whitish streak. A second later my mother would loudly utter lurid profanity and her thong would hit the spot that the cat had just vacated as the horrible odor filled the room and we all ran gasping for the door.


  6. It is amazing how these little creatures can become such a huge part of the family. Our daughter loves our cat. We always worried how our cat would tolerate her (she’s two) and she adores her and tolerates her body hugs and not so gentle petting.


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