The Stupidest Email I’ve Ever Received…Recently Anyway

Okay, I’ve recieved stupider and funnier ones than this one.  Like the convict who dared accuse me of stalking him just because of a stupid Facebook comment I made where I repeated verbatim something he told me.  Yeah, I’ll have to tell you about that sometime.  Tonight’s email was so much more benign…almost boring…but ridiculous in the unfounded assumptions the author made about me and my interest level toward him.  I mean, since I never really responded to his digital advances, I guess I couldn’t exactly be labled “interested” let alone a stalker.  I just don’t get it sometimes.  I just don’t get how guys think sometimes.

Online dating is such a freaking joke.

I’ve dabbled in this venue on and off for the last year, mostly off with a month or two on when I get bored and have nothing better to do…which…seriously…is not often.  This equates to me being on an online dating site, maybe, three times for a month each, in the last year and a half.

About a six months ago a fairly attractive man contacted me and we began communicating.  Okay he emailed me, I responded, we got to the first phone call, after that he went silent. 

BFD.  His loss I figured.  I was spinning about 10 online plates at the time so what did I care.  He easily slipped from my mind.

About a month and a half ago after being “offline” for about 5 months (yes, one month online can easily net me the next six months in dates, get over it!) I went back online again. 

The same go silent BFD dude contacted me again.

Hesitantly, meaning I waited about a week before responding, I responded.

He emailed me once.

I waited, he emailed me back.

I emailed him and you guessed it…he went silent again.  Never to hear from him again until tonight.  (Seriously, I missed no sleep over this.  I’ve really so changed my perspective on the go silent thing.  It is now actually a favor.  He goes silent.  I know all I need to know, I move on.  Over and out.  Next!)

That was nearly two months ago.  I haven’t contacted him.  I haven’t spent any time thinking about him.  Seriously?  I’ve been having way too much fun in my little corner of the world to wonder why the heck he doesn’t have the good sense to follow up on a good thing when he stumbles across it and…stumble he has.  His loss.  My response?  Next!  (Well, not even that…he didn’t even make it to the plate!)

Tonight, after two months of silence and no follow up from me I get the following email:

“Cat, just wanted you to know I met some one and am off the radar.”

Hahahahahaha!  The freaking arrogance of it all. 

*she rolls eyes and clicks delete while thinking, “Dodged an arrogant self-absorbed bullet there!”

Off the radar?!?  Dude, you never even created a blip on the radar, so yeah, I guess you’re right,  you are off the radar! 

I mean, really, I have to laugh, if I was stalking him, I’d understand, but this is a guy who initiated contact with me every time, spoke on the  phone with me once, and I never really made any big effort to respond or encourage him.  I mean, I just don’t get it.

Ah, well, chalk it up to comic relief.  I was, at least, able to squeeze a lame blog post out of it.

2 thoughts on “The Stupidest Email I’ve Ever Received…Recently Anyway

  1. This is a funny one, Cat. I guess some people just need to construct their own fantasy worlds so as to eke out the (illusory) sense of self-worth they are so lacking. Sad, really. It’s almost as if I myself were suddenly to announce to you: Cat, it’s over between us! I do hope, however, that you would mourn me more than him, and that just possibly I had rated as, at the very least, a blip.

    Your comments about online dating made me smile because I wrote a song that alludes to it … in fact, the song was inspired by you, and I mean to record it and send it your way one of these days. Here’s an excerpt:

    Online dating’s just a dirty bomb
    And all the guys you meet on match dot com
    are never what they seem on your screen
    they masquerade as if it’s Halloween
    and when they show up for your dates
    they resemble Norman Bates
    when you’d expected Mister Clean

    I think you’ll like the song in its entirety.

    And now, back to my life, and you to yours.



    1. Kip,
      LOL! You read my blog and comment on it regularly enough that that has to count for something! Even though I would miss corresponding with you, I’d probably laugh just as hard if you made such a random announcement, not to hurt your feelings or anything, but seriously! As for the song, I love it, agree with it whole heartedly. If you record it and will let me I’ll showcase it in a blog post.
      I really don’t like the whole online scene at all. I’m only in it now for research purposes! LMAO!


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