Blog Makeover or Multiple Blog Personalities?

I was really getting tired of the Motion theme from WordPress.  It was kind of interesting to me at first, but it was beginning to wear on me.  Further, I cannot find any of the ready-made themes that I like anymore.  They all seem too limiting to me or they don’t quite seem to have all the little gadgets or goodies I want.  This all leads me to conclude that I’m probably outgrowing the WordPress hosted themes and am going to have to move my blog over to my own domain.  Yes, foreseeing this possible future, I’ve already purchased a domain name.  This is not a project that I can even consider tackling right now.  This theme, Vigilance, will simply have to do for now.  It is, at least, not as annoying as Motion was becoming. 

I’m providing this merely as an explanation for the complete blog theme schizophrenia you have observed here of late. 

Carry on.

10 thoughts on “Blog Makeover or Multiple Blog Personalities?

  1. Oooh, I like the new theme! I need to break into a new one too, but I can’t find many I like that are free. Maybe I’ll spring for buying one, one of these days 😉


    1. I know about the free and all. I don’t even know how to get them from free to my page here. I’m really so tech unsavvy about this, but have me build my own web page from scratch, now that I can do. It won’t look all spiff like some of these others, but it will pass. Sigh. I have too many things I want to do and learn to be occupied with having to earn a living and pay bills! 😀
      Thanks for your feedback about the new theme. That helps me know what people like.


        1. No, I didn’t do this all myself, but I can. I do know some very basic web design. This is simply a WordPress theme that I applied and then customized the header and so on. But just wait. Summer is coming and if I’m not sailing into the wild blue yonder with Mr. Amazing, playing with my kids all over the Pacific Northwest, or working on a new project that could change my career life, I will be designing my website here. So it goes. 😀


  2. You know Wild Mind, you’ve kind of spoiled us with the theme changes. It’s like getting a mini makeover every few weeks. It’s been kind of cool! We have a new experience each time you change themes.

    I do like the white space feel of this one (for now). Easier on those of us with old-but-feisty-spirited eyes.



    1. LOL! I like this one too. The other was annoying me. 😀 I found your comments in my spam folder. I must fix that!
      As for the makeovers…it is how I digitally reinvent myself and it is much fast than the fitness regime!


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