How’s That Hope And Change Workin’ For Ya?

Yeah, I know.  It’s a political sentiment posted on Facebook status updates and bumper stickers, but that isn’t how I intend it.  I’ve spent my last two posts talking about my grand designs for a “Healthy New Year”.  I feel in the interests of honesty and authenticity, I ought to share exactly how that’s gone for me so far, only one day into this “healthy” (hahaha!) new year. 

Yesterday I had such great plans.  I’ll save you the angst.  Suffice it to say I accomplished absolutely none of it.  I stayed in my p.j.’s all day.  I did not exercise.  In the name of not wasting food, I made lunch for myself of leftover (wait for it) fried chicken.  Yes, the yummy greasy stuff and store bought to boot, not even home made, which I’m certain would have shaved, oh, half a calorie off it.  I ate three whole pieces.  Not true.  I ate two whole pieces and the skin (ewwww!) off the third.  Sigh. 

If that wasn’t bad enough I had the healthy food compared to what my kids got.  I am such a derelict mother! My kids chose Bagel Bites for lunch! And, of course, I let them choose.  Yeah, all that, while perfectly healthy and yummy tasting turkey is in our fridge ready to be made into sandwiches.  (What?  The bread is moldy? Crap!)

On top of all that, my son digs the chocolate chip cookie dough out of the fridge and decides to start digging in.  Well, out of sight out of mind, but put the junk right in front of me while I’m blowing off my entire day relationally and otherwise by importing all my CDs to iTunes and then synching my new iPhone (yeah, don’t get all excited…it is only the 8 gig one and a refurbished one at that) I ended up just having to have a taste.  And then another taste and, now, well, I’m not feeling so great.  Add to that two glasses of yummy Reisling (hey, it was just there begging to be sipped) and  I’m laughing uncontrollably at my own weakness. So much for my great resolve, eh?

Yep.  The best laid plans of mice and men…or something like that?

Sigh. I’ve developed a lot of really crummy self indulgent (as opposed to not so crummy self indulgent?) habits over the last decade. 

This is going to be a bit more difficult than I thought.  

Well, I guess, I can take the Scarlett O’Hara approach and deal with it tomorrow. 

But that’s the last “gimme” I’m giving myself!  I swear! 

7 thoughts on “How’s That Hope And Change Workin’ For Ya?

  1. LOL! Cat! New Year’s Day doesn’t count. LMAO! That’s what my mother tells me. I finally got some sleep and ate a bit – not much – yesterday. I had a little Buffalo Chicken Dip and tortillas I made for the kids to have while they watched the outdoor hockey game. I also managed to down two Mimosas my daughter made, sipping of course. That’s it.


  2. Having 12 days off has not been good for my diet. I gained back 4 lbs. Today I have done good, only had a bit of low-fat soup for breakfast and a few tortilla chips with a non-fat dip. I ran out of dip and opened a jar of black bean and garlic sauce. I put some of it on a chip and stuck it into my mouth and there is where everything went right to hell. Smoke hissed out of my ears as my eyeballs popped out of my skull and my tongue flew out of my mouth to protrude several inches in front of my face, vibrating like a tuning fork. My body stiffened like a trout with rigor mortis and I made my way to the bathroom sink by walking on my tiptoes, sorta like Fred Flintstone at the bowling alley.
    What does one do with a foul substance like this stuff? Well I gave it to my neighbor, of course. I am now sitting here waiting to hear crashing noises and gagging sounds through the wall as I rub my palms together with a toothy grin.


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