If Life Were A Supermarket, Where Would I Find You?

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Some of you might know that I have another blog titled Welcome To CABsPlace. I’ve kind of let that dangle a bit as I try to clarify really what my own vision is for each of my blogs.  For now, I think I’ve decided to make CABsPlace more of my personal or family blog and have it deal more with parenting, home improvement, and single mommy stuff, while this one will address more adult themes of mid-life singles, divorce, relationships, dating, self-improvement and personal growth, as well as parenting.  To that end, I am going to start moving some of the CABsPlace Posts over here in cases where the content is more suitable for this blog.  This is the first of such posts.  You’ll know the original post content because the font will appear (hopefully) in a different color.  And, yes, I am taking liberties, at times to edit and enhance (this does not mean re-write) the posts when necessary.

I hope you enjoy these.  Some of them are my earlier works and it is interesting to see how much I’ve changed in my thinking and my writing in the last couple of years. Do, please, let me know what you think.  The feedback is incredibly valuable to me.  

The email comment read, “If life were a supermarket, I bet I’d find you in the desserts and treats aisle”. I pondered this statement momentarily, thinking, well that’s a pretty creative way of putting yourself out there.  However, I thought to myself as I gazed at the digital text, I’m not so sure that’s entirely accurate. I mean, desserts and treats?  Fun?  Yes.  Sweet and yummy? I like to think so in the right circumstances with the right kind of guy.  Complete fluff and no real relational nutrition?  Not so much.

I decided to rewrite myself as if my life were a supermarket. Where would one find me? Here’s my start to that creative question. 

Check out the decadent phallic symbols in this picture!

If life were a supermarket, I’d be in the desserts and treats section because I am fun, sweet, yummy, tasty and gooey and, at times, in the appropriate context with a suitable member of the opposite sex, very decadent.  I’d also be in the fine wines section because I am aging well and I deserve to be savored rather than gulped and tossed aside.  You’d find me in the the tri-tip steak section because I am tender, flavorful, tasteful and authentically real unlike the hot dogs or bologna slices you find in the processed lunch meats aisle.  You’ll  find me in the produce aisle especially near the dark green leafy vegetables, the mushrooms and the zucchini because I am really down to earth, health conscious, but not fanatical. You’d find me in the coffee aisle because the smell of fresh brewed coffees is more about ambiance that caffeine and mood is so important to a satisfying relationship.  You’d find me in the cleansers and detergent aisle because while I’m not OCD, I am definitely a bit of a neat freak and I like my home and my things and my children to be clean…as well as myself and my own clothing. Of course, you’d find me in the toiletries aisle, at some point, because like all good moms, I take care of the details and I’m prepared for any emergency. You would not find me in the fast food or chips and dip section, because I have a bit more substance than that. However, even I have been known on occasion to indulge in popcorn or cotton candy and even I, on occasion drink a beer. But I don’t frequent those aisles often and if you caught me there it would be a chance meeting indeed. You might find me in the section with wild jalapeno peppers because I can be hot and spicy.  You’d find me in the International Foods section because I love the world, it’s peoples and hope to travel to meet them someday in their own countries, at their own tables, in their own settings. In short, you’d find me in any aisle with food that authentic food goes well with fine wine, friends, good music, good times and the making of cherished memories…that is…if my life were a supermarket.

Now, if your life were a supermarket, where would I find you???

Have fun with this!  I look forward to your comments.

9 thoughts on “If Life Were A Supermarket, Where Would I Find You?

  1. This is a fabulous question! (And I have no fabulous answers.) All I can think is it would need to be some sort of food that is transformative, or transformational, or changeable in SOME way or other – is there a chameleon food that is somehow still elemental, substantive, juicy, and sweet?

    Hmmm. A TV dinner complete with a little of this and a little of that? Nah.

    Eggs? Used in many recipes and versatile, but oh-so-fragile. Nope.

    Bread maybe. Yes. Possibly. Functional, dress it up, dress it down – make it savory or sweet, twist into a luscious braid, elongate (mmm) – it certainly comes FRENCH!! Or, a slightly crusty exterior but oh-so-soft on the inside. And warmable.

    Yes, possibly bread, and this time of year, with a little something sweet and nutty thrown in.


  2. I read this last night and was unsure how to respond. I am still a little hazy on it but my guess is I would either be some organic vegetable or bread, but sourdough not white.

    An organic vegetable as I like to be on the cutting edge, although organic is almost mainstream these days.

    A sourdough bread because I feel like I am a staple in the lives of those I love and those who love me but I can’t be bland and icky like white bread.


  3. Alas, you will find me in the baby wipes/Pull-ups section and the pain reliever section…my 2nd born is gonna attend her prom in Pull-Ups, at the rate she’s going.

    Great question! And sure, you can add me to the roll…honored.


    1. TheKitchenWitch,
      Hey thanks for stopping by and commenting! LOL! I’ve had four kids and the first three I was certain were going to have to be potty trained by their spouses. I feel your pain…or…well…I have. 😀


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