Days Like That

Oh, I’m not even going there.  No, Mama didn’t warn me about days like that.  If she had would I have listened?  I think not.  Even so, I’ve had a day like that.

I’ve felt a strong desire to write something, anything, but actually crafting something of relevance and interest even to me (forget the rest of the world) resulted in the biggest ever fail!  Nothing seemed to work for me in the writing department today. 

Then, of course, frazzled, un-put-together-single mom of four that I am, I spent far too much time with this writing thing and failed to completely clean and scour the house from top to bottom.  I also failed to completely do all 400 loads of laundry that accumulated during the week.  Further, I’ve put off paying bills and completing those lesson plans for that Power Point class I am teaching in, what, just over a week?

Fail. Epic fail of a day…in some ways. 

In others, however, not so much. 

I was, after all, up at 6:30 awaiting a wood delivery.  I also did some cleaning and some laundry…just not all. What can I say?  It was a day of partially completed efforts. 

So much of parenting, especially the life of the single parent just feels like that.  It seems to be the life of partially completed efforts.  For a girl who likes closure, crossing things off lists and perfectly folded underwear in the underwear drawer, this is a challenge.

But, hey, everyone’s got some challenge they’ve got to face, right?  I guess mine is that I just have to let that extra load of laundry sit out there in the washer till morning while I watch Inkheart on the On Demand channel with my kiddos. 

Yeah, there are just days like that.

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