Musings About Alltop: A New Wild Mind Find!

Here’s a highlight of another of The Wild Mind’s recent finds.  I don’t know how long these folks have been around, but in less than a week they’ve come to be my favorite place to go and be…besides here, of course.  😀

7520_3779You’ve got to go check the genius out at my new favorite site:  It is like a giant magazine rack of all my favorite places on the web.  Alltop aggregates the best sites about my favorite topics all in one convenient place on the web.  No more going from link to link on my blog roll.  No more crowding my favorites tab on my browser.  Yeah, and I’m still trying to figure out how RSS feeds work so Alltop solved that one for me too.  I just go to Alltop. It’s ALL there!   It not only does this for me personally, Alltop provides this service for millions of other people all over the web just like you.  Alltop would be glad to be your online magazine rack as well. 

Think of it this way.  If you are a magazine lover or a newspaper nut you understand how these treasures can accumulate over time.  In my living room and a518690_27261394round my house I used to have a pile of newspapers here, a stack of magazines there and when I had a coffee table the thing was continuously piled with magazines, newspapers and books about the things I was interested in and the author’s I was currently reading.  Then, I got rid of the coffee table, piled the papers in a neat wicker basket and the magazines in a cool container or two, by topic and genre, so they could be displayed facing forward for easy access.  Alltop does (exponentially, I might add)  in digital world what I just did in my living room.

I suggest you go check it out and see for yourself.

While you’re there if you like my blog, suggest Random Musings of The Wild Mind to Alltop.  I’d really love to show up there, because, well, then it would just mean I was hanging out with all the other cool kids…and you!  


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