The Biggest Manhood?

Here’s another one for the stupid files.  I mean, really, I wonder where people come up with this stuff. 

Today in my inbox I got an email from one “Marissa Darling”.

The email was address to “protege” at my email provider’s address.  Well, clearly this is spam and I’m not the only one to get this little invitation. 

So…the subject of the email read, “Be A Real Man From Your Head To Your Toes“. 

Really?  Are you kidding?  That’s something I’ve wanted to be all my life, folks.  Hey, if you speak to both my ex’s they would tell you that I was the real man in each of those marriages, but whatever.

All the email said was this, “You can have the biggest manhood in all your large neighborhood.” 

It was a live link that I’m sure led me to some ridiculous site that would offer to take my money in return for some product that would give me the biggest manhood.  Maybe it was a scam to get my personal information.  Whatever.  I didn’t click on the link.

And, don’t you love how those scams rarely get the grammar correct, or did they mean something else by “large neighborhood”?  Makes me wonder.  Makes me mostly wonder what that email was all about and why I don’t really know what it was all about.  Good.  I elect to stay naive in that area, because gaining knowledge would have to mean getting experience and I’m not sure I want that particular experience or knowledge.

As a woman who really doesn’t mind being female, except for one week out of the month, and then only because I hate to be inconvenienced, having the biggest manhood doesn’t interest me in the least.

A chance at experiencing biggest man might get me to look though!  



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