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This transition from Spring to Summer has already been an interesting one.  I do have the pool operating a month earlier, in spite of the fact that I had several setbacks with sanitation, pumps, filters and faulty defective hoses.  That is now in the past and I currently have a terrific hose that seems to be working quite well for now.  But I never want to go through that experience again, so I’ve set about searching for a hose supplier who will keep me stocked up on the perfect hose.  Since there are no quality hose suppliers in my area, I’ve had to look for suppliers on the internet. Of course, when you do this online thing, it is always important to introduce yourself, state what you are looking for and what needs you hope the sought after item will meet.  I followed all these protocols perfectly and have been flooded with many interesting responses.  Most of them fakes, as they were exaggerating about the length, width, quality, durability and flexibility of their hoses.  In addition, they were charging far too much for the very minimal and routine functions the hoses were capable of.  I decided not to settle, since dealing with my current (make do) hose is working better than I think any of those hoses would work.  However, I would like a real hose with a longer warranty than the one I am currently using.

Something very interesting entered my inbox this afternoon.  Here is the note from the latest would be hose supplier:

Dear Ms. Wild Mind,

Further to your comments regarding hoses. I am pleased to report that one of the hoses in question has been tested and found to be functioning to the standard you require.

This type of hose requires constant care and attention. May I suggest that you adopt a regimen of ongoing maintenance even when you are not using the equipment. There are several products readily available which, when regularly applied, will ensure that the hose remains useable over an extended period and will delay the inevitable withering and consequent perishing.


The Last Hose Supplier You’ll Ever Need

This seemed very interesting to me, so I responded with the following:

Dear Mr. Last,

I am very interested in learning more about your hose.  I would be especially interested in the regimen of maintenance you suggest as well as the products you supply to prevent the inevitable withering and perishing of the hose.  I am unavailable to discuss this now, but would be willing to discuss this at length later this evening should you so desire.  Of course, before purchase, I am wondering if there is an opportunity to discover exactly the functionality of the hose in question.  My last hose was guaranteed to last a lifetime and began faltering in its performance in less than six months in spite of excellent care, maintenance and frequent use. As the result of this experience, I want to be very certain what it is I am purchasing, as you can well understand, I am sure. I am certainly willing to invest should I find that one amazing hose.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Ms. Wild Mind

P.S. I am also well aware that every hose comes with a price tag.  I think it would be important to discuss the various costs of purchasing the hose earlier rather than later.  I would, of course, be interested in discussing sales price, taxes, shipping and handling fees and, of course, since we are dealing with an international transaction here, whether any customs costs or import/export fees exist. 

P.P.S.  I am perfectly able and more than willing to pay whatever rate is required for a hose of the type and quality I seek.  As you know many online hose suppliers are frauds and I would like every opportunity to discern that your hose is exactly as you say before signing a purchase agreement.

Hmmm, it will be interesting to see how this transaction turns out.

8 thoughts on “Online Hose Suppliers

  1. Be wary of would-be hose suppliers who promise the moon; they tend to be in the same class as snake oil salesmen. And let’s face it, they can tell you anything and show you any kind of pictures they want on the internet. There are some things you just shouldn’t purchase online, and this is one of them. You need to see that hose in the flesh and hold it in your hand, make sure it connects properly and produces a healthy flow when turned on. As they say: think globally but act locally! The hose you need may be in your own backyard. So get out there and find it: examine it well, hook it up, and turn it on! Don’t despair that you haven’t found it yet. If you have faith in it, it will come!


    1. Well, Kip, you bring up some very good points about online hose suppliers. In fact, they are so good, I’m making a blog post out of them. Congrats! You just made it to “Blogworthy Status”!


  2. Why, my cup runneth over!! (or hose, as the case may be)

    It’s more than I ever imagined and I’d like to thank all the little people who helped me get to where I am today … my mama and papa, my third grade teacher Miss Dinckler who always believed I’d amount to something someday, and of course everyone who ever helped me with my hose over the years! I’ve ascended to the Blogosphere, I can hardly believe it! You like me, you really, really like me!!


  3. Dear Wild (or is that “Mind”?),

    The Last Hose Supplier “seems” to have your best interests at heart though appearances can be deceptive. It’s not often that suppliers offer advice which may negate the need for future purchases. It’s been my experience that self serving suppliers concentrate solely on the sale and give little attention to long term maintenance unless the product has a lifetime warranty. Have you checked the warranty period? Have you enquired about expected logevity?

    Please keep us updated.



    1. Enigmatik,
      The Last Hose Supplier does seem to be more interested in providing a quality product for a fair price. More than that, he seems to be clearly interested in my satisfaction as the consumer, instead of just closing the deal. I haven’t asked about the warranty. I did ask about maintenance and upkeep and pricing. I have not asked about the kind of warranty or what the warranty covers or how long it lasts. I have also not asked about expected longevity. These are questions I usually reserve till I’ve had a chance to see the product up close, examine it thoroughly, determine that the dealer isn’t pulling the old bait and switch on me or simply trying to swindle me out of some easy time with my pump. I mean, if it turns out he’s only got an old withered barely functional hose when he advertised a quality hose why go into those other questions? Do you think I’m approaching this wisely.
      This dealer, however, is significantly different than all the rest in so many ways. He even sent samples of his care and maintenance products. He couldn’t send the actual hose quite yet because they’re working out shipping details however he assures me that within the next two months the thing should be on my doorstep for my review. Getting it through customs should be a costly hassle but he’s handling all those details and he’s cutting me a great discount on shipping charges. He’s covering them all!
      Now, he’s either desperate to get rid of this hose or he’s a superior hose dealer. If he’s the first, I’ll know it fairly quickly (and certainly, he wouldn’t need to ship this far to find someone in need of a hose) and if he’s the second, then I’m probably going to have the best hose on the planet. Either way, it doesn’t hurt for me to explore the possibilities now does it?
      After all, so far, the dealer has picked up all the costs of this transaction and I’m out nothing.


  4. These recurrent references to “withered” hoses are becoming unsettling. Maybe it’s because no corresponding descriptor has been applied to a pump system that has seen better days … perhaps “dessicated?” (There is no overstating the value of the lubrication a quality pump provides.)


    1. Alas, it should be unsettling! It is reality. The reason no corresponding descriptor has been applied to a pump system that has seen better days is because I don’t need a pump system. I’m looking for hoses. My pump is in great shape, still looks almost new and works beautifully when connected to a compatible hose. The entire point in these posts was to describe my struggle in the search for the quality hose. This doesn’t negate the fact that the same frustration likely exists when one searches for pumps and if that is what your journey leads you to, you are more than welcome to begin your own blog and start your own discussion about these matters. 😉


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