Great New Workout Song Of The Day!

This one’s got me crunching, squatting and lunging with gusto! Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is just a lot of fun for so many reasons! It’s also nice to see some curvy girls kickin’ it up and having a great time!  Back in my old school days, having curves like these women have wasn’t exactly in vogue.  I’m so glad that my natural hairstyle was made popular by “Friends” and my curvy figure is now in vogue.  Notice, I said curvy and that is not a euphemism for lumpy!

Also, just an FYI, for those of you who suspect that those heels are digitized, I can assure you that they probably are not.  I could dance like that all night in heels like that! 


4 thoughts on “Great New Workout Song Of The Day!

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