A Song, Some Memories, The Kentucky Derby and A Passport

Sometimes I seriously wonder what rock I’ve been hiding under.  I mentioned in my last post that a friend sent me a song.  That song prompted me to go find the video for it and I got distracted and my last post happened instead of this one. 

Back in the day I was a fan of  The Human League, The Eurythmics, Men At Work, Bananarama and other groups of this musical genre.  Obviously, being a starving college student, I didn’t have tons of stereo equipment (unlike many of my friends who had the whole slew of components, thanks to their Daddys’ wallets) so I didn’t purchase albums or tapes.  I just listened to whatever people played.  I never heard this song.  Not once.  Until yesterday.

Now, those readers who’ve journeyed with me for a bit, know that I’ve lived under a rock ,for the most part, the last couple of decades of my life.  (Yes, I’m being a bit facetious…dont’ take everything so seriously!)  While most people were working on careers or having good marriages and building stable financial lives for their families, I was doing none of this.  What I was doing was occupying my time being something for someone else.  This something was not me and the resulting crash and burn of it all has me rethinking how to do the second half of life.  Part of that rethinking has me making plans to do all the stuff I’ve wanted to do, but because I lived under a rock with fairly unadventurous people, never did.  I no longer feel I need to have a companion with me before I begin my adventure.  I’m gradually crawling out from the rock. 

I sometimes get momentarily down and discouraged because the rock I’m crawling out from is heavy right now, however it is not nearly as heavy as it was last year at this time.  It is also not going to be this heavy next year at this time if things continue for me as they have been.  In fact, I determined that this year, in a step of faith and optimism and personal accountability, I am getting my passport.

I do sometimes feel like I’m starting out behind in life, but after this weekend’s Kentucky Derby race, I’m thinking it is still possible for me to come from behind and finish strong.  Below is a clip of that amazing race if you didn’t see it.   To see how really dramatic this upset was, forward the video to the end where they show the replay.  This horse started out the race 15 lengths behind the pack.  They didn’t even have him on the video for most of the race!  He just punched it at the end.  Hey, I think I can do that too!  Now, all I need is a good rider jockey!!!!  (LOL!  I could not resist that!)

Here’s the vid.  Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “A Song, Some Memories, The Kentucky Derby and A Passport

  1. Cat – yes! you do not need to have a companion before you start your adventure. But trust me on this one – it is a lot more fun to have a companion with you during your adventure. The right companion, of course.



    1. You, know, Norman,
      I was thinking about this post again on my way home today and I realized, I’ve never ever been through customs. I’m not so sure I want to do that experience alone. I might have to rethink that piece.
      Thanks for commenting!


      1. Cat,

        Re-entry is a snap for US citizens. Just make sure you don’t use your cell phone or take pictures at the Customs area. They get mightily upset when you do that. For US residents who travel with a non-US passport (like me on a Canadian Passport), they now have to be finger printed and have their eyes scanned!! They just started this sh*t several months ago when I came back from Bonaire. So now I am contemplating getting my US citizenship (after being a resident for 25 years).



  2. I would be honored to be your jockey. Together we would leave the competition in the dust, wind in our hair, triumph in our eyes, and the tangy flavor of the dreams waiting at the finish line on our tongues. Not everyone has what it takes to run for the roses, hustle for the triple crown, race for the pace, and drink from the breeder’s cup, but I know you do, so if you’ll simply take my reins and dig in your heels there will be no limit to where we can go, what we can do, and the quantity of champagne that will flow beneath our sails. And be assured that I have what it takes to come from behind with a strong finish. Ready to saddle up? Don’t say neigh!!


    1. LMAO!!! People actually do read my blah, blah, click posts clear to the end! I love your analogous response, Kip, but I was confused as to who was riding who? Or…was that exactly the point?
      Nicely done!


      1. Yes, when a jockey and his/her mount become so well integrated that it is as if they are a single unit, then the question of who is riding whom becomes moot.


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