Star Wars and Marriage?

Yes!!! Another analogy!  Yes!  Of course, it is about relationship!  That is after all what I do here. Admittedly, this one is darker than I usually tend toward, but, you must understand, I’m in kind of a wacky mood tonight and having fun with it.  In the past, I’ve tended toward the dark side out of sadness or momentary discouragment with dating or relationships.  I’m so not in that place tonight.   

 A friend sent me a song by The Human League and I went searching for it on You Tube.  I used to love this group back in the day but never owned any of their albums, tapes or CD’s.  As I was reminiscing via You Tube, I stumbled across this video. So, I started out doing something completely different and ended up here.  This was seriously a post with a mind of it’s own.

If you’re at all familiar with the classic Star Wars, you will appreciate this.  I think the entire video is analogous to a long term relationship in many ways.  You invest, you get through some awful stuff together, you go places together and it just doesn’t work out.  Seriously, what is up with that???!! 

Anyway, whether you agree with my analogous perspective on this one or not, watch the vid.  It’s pretty creative.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Star Wars and Marriage?

  1. Cat,

    I am not sure how you came up with THAT rather dark analogy. But the analogy is right on target for many people. We have all experienced it – I am sure.

    Kudo to your friend who sent you that song. That person was trying to send you a message…LOL. A forward message of hope and fun. We can’t undo the past…so all we have are the present and the future.



    1. Norman,
      Yes, I realize that my friend was sending me a positive message. Like I mentioned in the post…I got distracted watching that other video and then one thought led to another and that’s how I ended up with that post. Anyway, it was fun watching the vid, no?


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