Taking Responsibility!

A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction. – Rita Mae Brown

That’s it!  I’m taking responsibility!  I admit it!  I did write my last post about chickens.  Some may have perceived it as disrespectful to chickens.  Some might even believed that I speak disrespectfully about chickens in front of my children and that this makes me a poor parent.  I also feed my children chicken and sometimes eggs!  Now, I know that there are those out there who disagree intensely with this approach to parenting.  There are those who think children should not be fed chicken or eggs and that by even mentioning it here on this blog I’m a wicked vile person.  I don’t know, maybe they were a chicken themselves in a former life and therefore they take my approach to all things chicken as a personal affront. 

I can’t take responsibility for their issues.  All I can say is I did write that last post about chickens. 

Furthermore, I’m not going to allow myself to live a life of reaction. I’m not, I tell you, not going to stop writing about chickens (or anything else I want to write about in any way I choose to write about it)  just because a few, who presume to know me, but really don’t,  malign me for doing so.  In fact, just to prove my integrity I’m going to post pictures of chickens.  I want to do it, so I am!  If this is too painful for you, feel free to click off!

chickenroosterHere we go.  This is Chicken Youth. Hopeful, cheerful, always outgoing.  Loves to learn new things, especially how to be a good little pecker.







This is Kelly Rooster.  He’s a handsome and proud cock.  However, he treated his last wife a little fowl.  He’s single and not in a relationship yet…but I dare say he soon will be. He might be in several simultaneously.  He is a fowl, skanky bird.




poultrygeist This is the poster art for the new movie, “Poultrygeist”.  I haven’t seen the trailer for it, but I hear there are a bunch of sexy chicks and hot cocks running around killing each other and basically screwing up the set.




The chicken below was on the front page of our local paper last year.  Apparently, this chicken went postal!  Caused a lot of damage, as you can see, to the mailbox there.  They caught him in the act.  He plead guilty.  Now he’s cooped up in the state pen forever. 











petrified eggs The chickens pictured to the right are petrified.  They were discovered on a dig a friend of mine went on last summer as a part of his graduate research.  He has a lot of pull so he was able to bring these back.  Don’t they look good for being buried beneath the earth for a kazillion years? I think this proves which came first.  They’ve yet to find any chicken remains that date older than these eggs.

This concludes my chicken activism for today.  There, I’ve taken responsibility for the last post I wrote and I’ve taken action by allowing the negative comments in prior chicken posts to deter me from writing about a subject of my own choosing. 

I do feel better now…and maybe…just maybe I can let this chicken obsession go forever.

45 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility!

  1. How bold. How daring. How controversial!

    You’re not going to make friends and influence people with language like that. Do you kiss your children with that mouth?!

    How dare you express such views in public!

    I for one am appaled and will be sure to check back here often to see what other outlandish remarks you make.


  2. OMG this was GREAT! I haven’t read the Dreaming of Chickens yet, but I’m on my way. I would love to read more writing from you like this. Nicely done. 🙂


  3. What’s wrong with following your beak? Write about whatever you wish to right about darlin’! Scratch that fertile soil and find the kernel of wisdom, and write about it!


    1. I’m going to…you’ve convinced me. No more letting others decide for me what I should or should not write about! Yes! I feel so much better now!


    1. Let’s see, the 5 year old chick? Spoil her. It’s impossible to love that little chick too much. The 27-year-old…same thing…if you’re really into her! 🙂


      1. As for the 27 year old… I try to get into her at least 3-4 times a week.. sorry I couldn’t resist on that one..

        The 5 year old is spoiled and I’ll pry never stop.


  4. And if you get lucky and find a forty something chick make sure that all of her needs are taken care of as well!!! Chicks seem to need a bit more as they age gracefully!!! I’m just glad that I have much to (still) give! Hehe!


    1. Probably a good choice. I’ve seen the things you’ve left on others blogs. Even though this one is marked mature…I more prefer the inuendo that the out and out directly skanky comment. 🙂


        1. Hmmmm, by tracking…do you mean “understanding” or “stalking”? It’s probably a no on both counts…clue me in. 😉 I am after all quite the naive little kitten, contrary to otherwise stated claims.


  5. No skanks allowed in these discussions! There is just good natured american fun to be had here! (oops, that may be an inuendo 😉 ! )


  6. Hey, we are in America now, but have no doubt I do not mean to say that good natured fun is restricted to Americans only!! I like fun with anyone!!!!


    1. Au contrare! In digital world there are no geographical boundaries. Glad to hear you entertain a multicultural approach to pleasure nonetheless!


      1. I think that the local law/governments would not concur with the no goegraphical boundaries! But that’s their problem!!


        1. Well, of course they wouldn’t, because they are geographically based!!! And, we weren’t discussing illegal activity of any kind were we? Because if we were, I’d so have to go back and delete it all because, well, you know me…
          I’ll try anything once unless it is illegal or immoral.


      1. lol … I don’t mind admitting to a little cultural bias but the question was supposed to be directed at Carter. I leapt before I looked and commented in the wrong box. My bad!



    1. Hmmm, cougar….hmmm….not something I ever really thought of, because well, while young men are more than adequate when it comes to getting it up…they seriously lack, at times, when it comes to keeping it up. Of course, there’s the other end of the spectrum as well, where getting it up and keeping it up are impossible without chemical aids of some sort. And, of course, a cardiac arrest is not something I feel well equipped to deal with in that case. I guess, it’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ Beds…one was too hard, one was too soft and the last was just right. 😉


  7. If i had a dollar for everytime I heard that.. I see where you are coming from though.. That’s why i’m proud to be able to hold on for as long as needed.


    1. Well, the dollar only gets paid if you hear it said, and it turns out false, which in your case, given the life experience you lack simply can’t be warranted. 😉
      And, about the holding on as long as needed…lol…I so need more dollars for that statement!!!


  8. LOL.. i lack life experience.. I’m sorry but I do stuff every week that would make you blush. As far as holding out.. I don’t see the big deal.. it’s just easy for me.. and what’s this rumor you are looking to get NOZZED?


    1. And, mynooch. When I talk about life experience…I don’t talk about the stuff you do or the number of experiences,he he, under your belt. I’m talking about just the way things (perspectives, the way the body changes in how it performs, etc.) over time. I’m sure you do do stuff every day that would make me blush…but that’s not saying a whole lot either! LOL!


        1. Nope, the life experience I’m talking about doesn’t occur till you’re in your 40’s…for guys…maybe a little later than that even! 😉 No matter how “well travelled” you are..oh…and sometimes having too much experience can be a bad thing. LOL!


      1. Wow, Cat the Cougar! Well why not, though I wonder ………..about several things that I probably shouldn’t state on here!!!!!


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