The Nice Thing About A Blog Is You Can Screen Comments, Approve Them, Refute Them And Then Delete The Whole Bloody Mess!

No.  It was not your imagination.

Yes, there were two posts here with comments from two people and I deleted them.  I deleted the initial post, the comments on that post and my subsequent response in a separate post, not because I felt the comments valid and worthy of consideration. Also, not because I had any remorse about anything I posted.  I said what I said for reasons of my own and was sorely misunderstood by those who would judge me based on their experiences rather than my reality.  Had they been informed comments based on actual data delivered in a thoughtful considerate way, instead of  being personal experience projected onto me, I might have thought differently about it all.  In the end, I decided to delete both posts and the comments because no one cares to read family laundry aired in a public forum.  I don’t feel good being the target of a family misunderstanding especially when those family members neither know my whole story nor have they walked in my shoes.  Not even close.  I might add they were also not exactly present when I had to extricate myself from my own personal nightmare nor have they quite had to go it alone completely without family support in the way that I have.   Bottom line, they made judgements that doubted my character and integrity, without knowing all the facts.  Had they known all the facts, had they been there in support of me during my nightmare, had they spoken from an informed postion, in a far more loving and less accusatory manner, I’d have eaten crow had I needed to.  I’m so not afraid of admitting I made a mistake.  In fact, that is my strength as an individual.  I’m not afraid to look honestly at myself in order to learn and grow and do life better in the future. I can admit I did something wrong and own my mistake. 

This doesn’t happen to be one of those times.

This also doesn’t happen to be one of those times that is worth defending and fighting for.  Therefore, I’ve deleted the whole entire transaction as if it never were, because it simply isn’t worth spending any more time or energy on.

But just as an F.Y.I. to other readers:   I’ve been accused of screening my comments since I have comment moderation on both my blogs.  Think what you like, that is simply an accusation that has no basis in reality.  I screen posts to make sure that those who comment don’t inadvertently reveal the identities of those we mutually know and might write about.  Other than this, all my comments, unless they are spam, go through unedited.  Comment moderation only makes sure I read and thoughtfully attend to each one, which I do, contrary to recent accusations that indicate otherwise.

One thought on “The Nice Thing About A Blog Is You Can Screen Comments, Approve Them, Refute Them And Then Delete The Whole Bloody Mess!

  1. Yes, I just received another complete tirade comment, more unfounded assumptions and I deleted it before reading it completely. Family members, please note: You have my private email, please discontinue using my blog as an opportunity to embarrass and call me out publicly. It is inappropriate and I will delete your comments every time.


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