The Tool To Have On Hand

rubber-finger-tipsNow, here’s a tool everyone needs.  The Rubber Finger Tip.  Yep.  Good for what ails you or her.  They even come in bulk quantities so you never have to go searching for where you left it last time you used it.  boxoffingersI mean, really, look at the texture on those babies!  Run out today and get yourself a box.  You’ll be glad you did.

24 thoughts on “The Tool To Have On Hand

    1. Carter,
      I’m not sure about that since I’m no condom connoisseur. I think they’d be foolish to miss out on that opportunity!!!!


    1. Boy! Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if that thing went off in your purse? Would you be able to cover it up by saying it was your phone? Hmmmm.


  1. I am intimately familiar with the rubber finger from my days working the copyshop circuit in both downtown and midtown Manhattan following high school. We stood at Xerox machines elephantine in scale and ran off high volume jobs … 500 of each, 1000 of each, stapled, velo-bound, 3-hole-punched, etc. The rubber finger was an indispensable item when you had to quickly leaf through hundreds of pages or more, checking copies, etc. It is one of those wonderful inventions devised to satisfy a very specific need, which it faultlessly does, and at a relatively low cost. How many commodities can make such a claim? Today I raise my glass high to the rubber finger, and if I had any handy (yukyuk), I would don one on each finger while drinking to its singular virtues and continued longevity. Shame on those who would exploit this elegant article with schoolboy humor in hopes of eliciting a bawdy guffaw from the 50ish set.


    1. Carter, Carter, Carter,
      *sighs and shakes head*
      Don’t you get it yet? The Wild Mind doesn’t “need” the rubber finger…ever…and especially not lately. 😉
      *smiles impishly with twinkling blue eyes*


  2. well darlin the wild mind must be getting some wild times to make that twinkle !!! I’m glad for ya darlin! You must remember though, I’m over on the right coast, so I’m sleepin when you are out being twinkled!!


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