No, I’m not taking a sabbatical from writing.  Things have just been incredibly busy for me.  It is really funny how life can churn like ocean waves and the next thing you know it is like taking your boat out early in the morning before any other boats have disturbed the surface of the water.  Glass.  A water skier’s delight.

The latter part of this week and all of the weekend, while filled with activity, I experienced The Glass Effect emotionally. 

Crazy week coming up.  Not so sure I’m ready, but well, so it goes. 

I have several posts in the works, but couldn’t devote any time to them really to flesh them out so they sit in my drafts folder waiting for a future date when they make post.

Oh, yeah, I went to church today.  That was something.

I’ll have to tell you about it.  Just can’t right now.  I’m tired and it’s late.  I knew this month was going to be insane.

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