Marketing 101 — My How Times Have Changed

I don’t know about you but I don’t recall analyzing ads like these for their effectiveness during my marketing classes. 


3 thoughts on “Marketing 101 — My How Times Have Changed

    1. No, I didn’t Google “men’s underwear” though it kind of appears I’m a bit on male underwear and tools theme of late. I actually found this video on another site I’m at that someone shared and thought it was a perfect tie-in for theme of the week. I know it is completely sophomoric, but I couldn’t resist.


  1. Nice ass and nice round firm “girls” but where are her nipples?
    I bet they air brushed them away. Now there’s a job!
    Very entertaining aren’t we ladies! Sort of a scratch and sniff kind of thing!
    …wonder what happens to all those lost nipples?
    Nice job Cat, love this stuff.


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