Expectations…A Final List…Then I’m Really So Done With This!

I’ve hit upon the final list of expectations I have for Mr. Right. Get ready.  Here it is:

1.  He must be male.

2.  He must be breathing (and within legal and respectable age limits…no I am not going to date someone who just turned 21 nor am I going to date someone living in an assisted care facility.

3.  He must be available, physically, legally, and emotionally.

More about all of this later, but I am completely spent.  It has been an exhausting, crazy, disappointing ,frustrating and happy two days and I am tired.

I’ve had enough of this day…it was like three days in one and I feel I aged that much too. 

I am going to bed.

Don’t wake me.

4 thoughts on “Expectations…A Final List…Then I’m Really So Done With This!

    1. I know, Kip, I’ve been going with the Meatloaf philosophy.
      So how’s it working for me?
      It isn’t.
      It’s got to be all three or I’m out.


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