Tattered Princess (aka. The Wild Mind) Dating A Leprechaun???

leprechaunpicI would never, could never fall in love with a leprechaun. Nope, I just couldn’t do it.  There are so many reasons why.

Now granted, leprechauns are fun loving, mischievous souls and this is definitely a big plus in their favor as dating partners.  I mean, all these men out there in online dating world who brag about how they “really know how to treat a lady” know nothing of fun compared to a leprechaun.  They by very virtue of the lore are win at fun hands down.  I mean the whole appearing, disappearing thing?  What a turn on!

However, should the relationship become serious and get a little more physical, a lot more involved and maybe even have leanings toward some sort of exclusive arrangement then I begin to see all sorts of potetial problems. 

First off, leprechauns are by nature small, little men.  This already doesn’t work for me.  I’m not a big woman, but I am tall.  At 5′ 6″ I reach an impressive 5′ 9″ in heels.  As nice, sweet, charming and fun as Mr. Leprechaun might be, it’s going to get really uncomfortable if I’m bending to my knees each time we kiss goodnight and I would hope that would be often( the kissing part, not the bending over part).  Further, there is size to consider.  I don’t want to go down this road very far, but suffice it to say, size matters.  I mean, if I were to roll over in bed and quash the poor little dude, would I be strung up on homicide charges?   😀  (Yeah, forget getting on top.)

Another red flag is the fact that they are soooo mischievous.  Again, tons of fun when everything is going well, but cross the little man and you could end up facing the house cleaning nightmare of a lifetime.   It’s just a tad bit too coercive for me, and being a fairly strong-willed individual, I’d probably be in big trouble most of the time with a leprechaun.  

I can see the scenario now.  He demands I kiss his little teeny blarney stones, because he’s the leprechaun of the house and I refuse because he destroyed the house with all his merry making (and because they just don’t do it for me anymore but I won’t tell him that)  and I have to get up the next day for work.  He waits till I have every thing back in order and topsy turvies it all again.  This would so not work for me!

In addition, while it is rumored that leprechauns have a secret stash hidden away who wants to live with all that tension?  Even if you ended up with some of it in the divorce, it just wouldn’t be worth the wasted time and energy when you could be enjoying life with a normal guy who’s just tickled pink happy with sex and sammiches.

Which reminds me, I was going to write that post about sex and sammiches now wasn’t I?

7 thoughts on “Tattered Princess (aka. The Wild Mind) Dating A Leprechaun???

  1. Where’s your sense of adventure??

    He’s a leprechaun for God’s sake. They’re magic!

    Kissing … buy a step ladder!

    Small is relative … ask any man.

    Get up for work … doubt it. He’s already conjured up enough riches to keep you in a manner to which you would rapidly become accustomed (ever considered being a sugar mommie?).

    Housework … what did you hire the maid for?

    Divorce … why not cut out the middle man. Find someone that you hate and buy them a house. Saves on the divorce lawyers.

    Personally I don’t see a down side but each to their own.


  2. LOL! Okay, I’ll bite! 😀
    I have a great sense of adventure, but the Leprechaun scares me. Too much uncertainty can drive me wild.
    I do like the magic part, but I’m a mermaid and part woodland nymph, I’m magic too. How much magic can one household stand?
    Stepladder? Nah! I don’t like props or mechanical devices…just not my thing. Athough I’ve heard a swing is a fun thing. I had some friends who pulled the ceiling out…so maybe not so much…
    You are totally right about the work, housework and divorce…especially if you’re dealing with a leprechaun’s wealth.
    But then there is the chemistry thing and I can only take facial hair in measured doses.
    But you’ve given me some things to think about.
    Hmmm, are you a leprechaun?


  3. Any mothological creatures that you might consider? I know a troll. He’s funny, has a real good personality and a steady job… Sure, he lives under a bridge… Okay, skip him… There’s this ogre I know, no wait, he likes to eat people’s bones…Maybe a Sasquatch? I know a nice one. He’s shy but he really enjoys long romantic walks…


    1. Alantru,
      Sorry, can’t do the troll thing. They’re a bit too grumpy and at certain times of the month that could spell disaster.
      Let’s see, the ogre, well, if he’s at all like Shrek, then I’m all in. And he can eat and jump my bones any time he wants.
      Sasquatch? Hmmm, too much like my last boyfriend. Strong, silent, type, never communicated and I had no idea he was thinking of considering marriage till I told him I thought we shouldn’t date anymore. Did everything perfectly though, but the chemistry just wasn’t there.
      Let’s see, mythical creatures? I’d go for an elf, especially if he looked anything like Legolas, oooh, and if he could move like that too! I can’t do hobbits, again, the short, small thing although they’re are the sweetest people.
      A Centaur might be a pretty trick experience, especially if they muck their own stalls.
      Personally, as a mermaid, I’m holding out in hopes that Neptune will one day take notice. 😉


  4. Me a leprechaun? I couldn’t even cobble up a sandle. No pot of gold, not even a rainbow. But if it’s mischief and mayhem you’re after then, be gosh, yer chin waggin’ wit de right feller!


    1. Okay, let’s go! I’ve got some neighbors bin givin’ me a right bit o’ trouble…and a sis up north who needs some serious mischief in her life!


      1. Expand on the troubling neighbors and I’ll consult the vengefull Oracle to devise a dastardly scheme. As for creating mischief I’m sure the scallywag in me can come to the fore. Depending on what you mean by mischief of course.


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