He Totally Fractured The Fairy Tale For Me With That One!

True IM conversation (I hate that new yahoo thing that shows me available even though I set unavailable as my preference):

Him:  Most men find it impossible to be monogamous. They just don’t tell you that.

Me:  I don’t believe it.

Who’s right?  Have I been completely mislead all my life? 

Please, let me know now, because if I’m going to go riding off with Prince Charming only to find out he wants to screw all the ugly stepsisters and other hot princesses in the surrounding kingdoms in spite of the fact that I work out and keep my girly figure, wax like crazy, feed him sammiches (even though I hate making them) and am willing and eager to provide sex no less often than every 72 hours (and that would be in a bad, hectic, stress-filled week), I’m so making other plans for the rest of my life!

12 thoughts on “He Totally Fractured The Fairy Tale For Me With That One!

  1. If I was your’s I’d never feel that way! I am sure you could keep me happy and even more sure that I could keep you happy!


  2. All men are different, your prince charming is out there, you just may have not kissed enough frogs yet to find him.

    Yes, some men are monogamous but some men are not and will NOT stray in relationship. Let him find you, you sound like a great girl who knows what she wants out of life and would make your prince charming very happy!


  3. MillionaireMatch got it right. Some men can, and some men can’t. Of those who can’t, there are those who just wouldn’t if given the chance because their values and integrity are unyielding, and there are those who can’t simply because they are never presented with the opportunity, so it’s not a question they ever have to confront. Of those who can, there are those who are presented with frequent opportunities, of which they happily avail themselves, and those who rarely have an opportunity but instead take great pains to manufacture opportunities.

    Personally, I don’t think most men find it impossible to be monogamous, but rather that the majority find it desirable, at least for a certain amount of time (which varies from man to man). But variety is the spice of life, no? And when dullness and predictability begin to set in, life becomes, well, dull and predictable. This is not a male phenomenon, but a human one. If monogamy is to sustain itself over the long haul, each partner must do whatever it takes to prevent the dullness and predictability from setting in–not just for the male’s benefit but for both. This is seldom easy over the course of many years, but neither is it easy to lead a dull and unpredictable life … unless you like that kind of life, and if so, no worries! Unless, of course, your mate …


    1. Kip,
      Thanks for commenting. The idea that men find it completely impossible to be monogamous was depressing. Keeping the interest, changing it up every now and then and keeping the spark alive, having sex, making sammiches…now those are easy…but if it isn’t going to matter anyway, because after all, the guy just isn’t wired that way, well then, why waste my effort?


  4. Don’t you just hate generalisations?

    To say that “Most men find it impossible to be monogomous …” [sic] suggests that most men are incapable of free choice. That somehow most men are somehow genetically/instinctively predisposed to polygamy.

    Firstly let’s assume that were discussing Sexual monogamy rather than Social, Genetic or Marital monogamy:

    Sexual monogamy (in this case) refers to two people who maintain sexually exclusivity. ie a “couple” who have no outside sex partners.

    As Cat’s audience is predominantly from the US (I think) I’ll try to make my comments culturally relevant.

    The US divorce rate in 2005 (per 1,000 people) was 3.6 (the lowest rate since 1970, and down from 4.2 in 2000 and from 4.7 in 1990).

    “National Marriage Project (Rutgers University)”

    If divorce rates are any indicator then the incidence of infidelity is declining.

    Of course we know that this isn’t the case (only 17% of divorces in the United States are caused by infidelity) but we can conclude that “most” men choose to remain with their current spouse or partner.

    22% of married men have strayed at least once during their married lives. Hardly “most”.

    By the way 14% of married women admit to straying.

    Younger people are more likely to be unfaithful; in fact, younger women are as likely as younger men to be unfaithful.

    Aren’t the young prone to act more instictively? This snippett suggests that the incidence of infidelity is gender neutral among the young.

    “Associated Press”

    To The Act Itself:

    Recent studies reveal that 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time or another during their relationship.

    “Atwood & Schwartz, 2002 – Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy”

    However, based on changes in society the current percentage of the population who have had affairs is probably somewhat HIGHER. For instance, the continuing increase of women in the workplace and the increase of women having affairs on the Internet means that the numbers for women having affairs is probably similar to those for men—about 60%.

    “The Monogamy Myth”

    On a personal note. Monogamy/Polygamy is a choice. I disagree with Robert Uhlig when he said “in a relationship women want security and men want sex … “. I want both with one person!

    Just food for thought 🙂


  5. Ok. What I really want is sex with a fit, waxed princess. Every 24 hours (or thereabouts), followed by a nice tuna on rye.



  6. I beg your pardon!! No offense to Enigmatik, but since when are Aussie males “even better” than American males?

    Should I begin citing statistics too? Would that increase my appeal?

    Sorry for jumping to conclusions, Enigmatik. “Red-blooded male” was all I really meant and should have said.


    1. LOL! Kip,
      I was waiting for someone to respond to that comment!
      The statistics with citations was definitely an appeal. The truth is…don’t know if they are better since I really have no means of comparing. 😀


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