Sometimes It Happens

It just happens…


You start out down a path

You begin a day

Thinking that it will play out

the way

every other

every other


…..has played out…

for the last month….




Has it been that long?

But you start out anyway…

…because you must….

because you see no other options

because others depend upon you.

It’s what you know.

It’s what is expected.

But you hate it.

You wish like anything you could be a train

and jump the





chug chug track

without killing

              the passengers on the train.

You don’t though.

You don’t because you are responsible.

You don’t because you are mature.

You don’t because…others (they)  depend upon you.

You gave your word and made a commitment.

The commitment happened to be to something else

not this

but here you are anyway.

You can’t let them down.

And you won’t.


each day…

your dreams….

once so vibrant, clear and easily procured

…or so it seemed at the time…

fade a little

wane a little

die a little more

till there is nothing left

except your heart breaking and twisting, wrenching and convulsing as it shatters


there is simply

nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes it just happens…

                             ….that you cry.sadness20pix

2 thoughts on “Sometimes It Happens

  1. Cath…
    Let me tell you something.
    I got a couple of years on you, and a whole bunch more F*&^% – ups than you in this life.
    And I know this one true thing.
    You can’t look back in anger, in sadness, in regret, or with any form of, ‘what if’?
    I don’t want you to look back.
    Your kids don’t want you to look back.
    God doesn’t want you to look back.

    Behind you are the mistakes you made.
    Behind you are the regrets you have.
    Behind you are the people who wronged you.
    Behind you are the things that don’t matter now.
    Behind you are the do-overs.
    Behind you are the what -f’s

    And waiting…
    Ahead of you are your success stories.
    Ahead of you are your brand new dreams.
    Ahead of you is a Creator who is waiting to bless you and all you long for.
    Ahead of you is a Savior who has already been there and cleared the way for you.
    Ahead of you are children who look to you for THEIR dreams.
    Ahead of you is your place in line.

    I once heard someone say that of all the things the Evil One use against us, the most damaging and powerful in his arsenal is the ability to get us to have doubt and regret. He wants us to second-guess ourselves, to reminise and drown in remorse, to constantly think that if we had just done this, instead of that, then all would be rosy and well.

    Well, it isnt. Tomorrow is done. Today is almost done. But tomorrow begins like a clean blackboard; fresh and new. Full of possibilites, and all you need is a big piece of white chalk to rewrite your life; to take all He has given you and make it your new starting point.

    You have everything going for you. There is a love out there who God has all lined up for you. Waiting. That may or may not be a guy. Maybe it’s a career, or a gift of writing, or a new town to call home, or whatever. But each day for here on out is an adventure. Sometimes I can’t wait to wake up just to see what He has planned for me.

    Okay. That was a bit much. Sorry. I got carried away. But I’m a big fan of Cath and her kids, and I just had to let her know.

    So snap out of it!!!!


  2. TOMORROW is not done, but YESTERDAY is.
    That’s what I get for thinking AND typing at midnight.
    (I need to marry an editor)


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