Do Tell…What Are We Seeking?

So, all of us are out here looking for something.  What is it we are looking for exactly?  Freedom, independence,relationship?  What? 

What defines a successful, fulfilling life?

Is it different for everyone or are there some common threads that we all agree on that cross race, socioeconomic level, culture and gender?

What really is the most important thing you are seeking?

What is it that you hope to obtain or accomplish during your life that if you do not accomplish or achieve it you will feel that you epically failed?

For me, a soul mate to fight over the last drops of Geritol and the comfiest rocker on the front porch would be a bonus.

Hmmm?  What is it for you? Do tell.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Do Tell…What Are We Seeking?

  1. 1 – A closer relationship with G-D.

    2 – My soul mate to spend the rest of my life with.

    3 – Become debt free.

    Those three are in order of importance. After these three everything else in life will fall into place.

    Once I achieve this. I will be rich.

    Or at least it’ll be my Idea of rich.


  2. Passion, and probably little else beyond that. I could say I want sanity and and no drama, but if there is no drama there is no passion. And passion leaves little for sanity.

    However, passion gives us a spring in our step and makes us feel lively. That is why we miss it when we don’t have it.


    1. After my last few dating escapades, I have to agree that passion is essential to me. I do believe that it is possible to have passion and no drama. At least, not the down sides to drama which are anxiety, frustration, angst and heartbreak. The upside to drama is what I like to consider animation. Animation is the enthusiasm, exuberance and all the good stuff of drama without most of the bad. I’m an incredibly passionate and animated person…anyone I decide to spend any kind of time with is going to have to just deal with it…and, yes…for the most part my life is fairly drama free. Well, most of the time free of drama created by me. So anyway, not sure where I was going with that but I was out with friends tonight after the conference dining and drinking…so whatever….I guess I agree with you except on the drama part. But that would be me…I want it all.


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