How Weird Can It Get? I Don’t Think I Want To Know.

I met him about a year ago.  Wait, I haven’t officially met him yet.  At least, not in person.  I first saw his digital image on one of those,you know, dating sites. 

It was last year and it was early in the year.

We exhanged a few emails, but I was corresponding with a number of other fish at the time, so it didn’t really take off.  Our communications fizzled.  About a month later, he contacted me and I responded and this time we got as far as the phone tag routine before things once again fizzled.

Toward the end of the summer, we once again, picked up our correspondence, got as far this time as talking over the phone and this is where it got interesting.

Things seemed to be going along swimmingly until one day he tells me he’s getting back together with his fiance. 

Great, thanks for telling me there’s a fiance involved!   He didn’t even tell me in person, which is probably okay, he left me a message.  The message said something like, “A new opportunity with my ex-fiance has come up and I just feel I have to explore this.” 

Okay, end of communication where I was concerned.

The next voice message I received from him occurred about two weeks later.  He said things didn’t work out and that he would be interested in getting together with me.

I call him back, but I waited a week or a few days.  I can’t remember exactly.  I just know that by this time I was feeling that he was somewhat unstable so I didn’t call right back.  I think curiosity got the better of me and I did call but it was a pretty delayed response.

We do the phone tag thing again.

A few days later, I get another voice message that is all apologetic saying, “I’m getting married in a couple of weeks.”


End of communication for me.  I hear nothing from him for seven months.

This Sunday I get a voice message from him again!  (August was the last time I heard from him.)

Again, he’s apologetic, but says he’s been thinking of me.  “That I’ve been on his mind.”  Things didn’t work out and he wants to take me out for coffee and he hopes I’ll call back. 

I haven’t called back. 

This one sounds really strange to me.  Or at least, a super case of the back and forth break up thing going on. Or is this some weird bizarre pattern that serial dating ax murderers exhibit before they commit their next heinous crime?

I think I’ll keep the dogs, set the house alarm and see about getting ammunition for that Colt .38 Detective Special that I have.

And, I’m not calling him.

What would you advise?

8 thoughts on “How Weird Can It Get? I Don’t Think I Want To Know.

    1. LIttle Miss,
      Well, I actually did consider deleting his number, but then thought better of it. If he’s programmed into my phone, then his name shows when he calls and I can then not pick up and reject the call. I’ve had a few times where I’ve deleted the number only to pick up the call when a strange number range in and there I am stuck talking to someone I really didn’t want to talk to ever again. My phone is new and I’ll need to look into how to block his number. To be honest, I didn’t think to do that. But I will for sure.
      Yeah, agreed about the Plan B thing. Actually, I think Plan B would be stating it positively. I’m not Plan A that’s for sure! Weird though, huh?


  1. I agree with Little Miss. You are plan B. The only reason he is not chasing you around the table is that he lives just a little too far away. Does he read your blog? If so, it may have created a sense of closeness for him that is not there.


    1. Signifier,
      Actually, he lives in the same area I do.
      Between his flakiness and my busy-ness (and my dragging my feet to meet people last summer, because I just wasn’t all that into it) we just never met.
      I don’t think he even knows what a blog is, let alone reads it. So I’m probably pretty safe there.
      Not sure what you meant by the blog creating a sense of closeness that isn’t there. Can you elaborate?


  2. About the false closeness, your blog(s) and I think all electronica in general can create for us an impression that we really know someone.

    BTW, I believe this is a new use for the word electronica. You read it here first.


    1. Signifier,
      Ahhh! Gotcha on the false closeness. Agreed. Through digital media we can get to know (or think we get to know) people then when we meet it is a very different thing altogether.
      And, yes, electronica…sounds a bit like another word I can’t write here. 🙂 Okay, I could but you might blush.


  3. I think you should meet him. And then you can decided between having your wrists and ankles duct taped together while in the back of his trunk, or being tied up in his basement while he hovers over you stroking your hair and exclaming how much you look just like Mother. Either way, it will make for a good blog post.


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