Exhausted and Fatigued

Admittedly, I may have been drunk blogging on that last post.  At least I wasn’t drunk dialing.  Be my luck to drunk dial 911 and not remember I did it and then when the cops showed up be in for it big time.

Okay, so Mr. Right expectations:

Elusive, nebulous, crap.  But to recap anyway:

1.  He must be ALL that into me.  (No compete forms signed in advance)

2. I must also be all that into him.

3.  The first two are the most important and none of the rest matter if they are both in this place with each other.

I’m tired and can’t make it any futher.

I have so much to deal with on this topic….

So little time and energy so I’m good with taking a break.


5 thoughts on “Exhausted and Fatigued

  1. The other blog is long and I have not read it yet, but I do know that although you did not drunk dial, you did drunk text. Where does that fall into the scheme of things?


    1. Correction! You drunk texted. Sadly, you happened to be using my phone! Where does that fall into the scheme of things?
      And, you so should read that long and rambling, really disorganized post. It wouldn’t pass the state writing assessment. Nope, not even close.
      It’s my blog and and I can drunk blog if I want to.


  2. We are talking about two separate incidences. After (or during?) you wrote that blog, you drunk text me. The night in which you claim I drunk text, I was not drunk and it was great fun to use your phone. I am still LMAO over that one! Good times my friend, good times!


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