Password Protected Posts

Okay, I put my first password protected post up and felt I should explain myself.  I may be using this feature a bit more frequently in the future for posts that I write that are truly for the purpose of me hashing out personal stuff with myself.  This might be stuff I would be tempted to bore my girlfriends to death with but shouldn’t for the sake of keeping them as my girlfriends,  so the protected post is like my own little dumping ground.  It’s not that I mind others reading it, but there are some I most definitely would not feel safe exposing everything to, so the password gives me the option to pick and choose who reads my innermost thoughts and struggles.  If my girlfriends choose to read it, then they may at their own risk, but definitely not their own peril.

More reasons I might password protect a post

  • It is about people I work with who could stumble across it and misunderstand.  Not good.
  • It is about my personal thoughts, questions, struggles, processing of events and experiences; the real raw stuff that I’m still working through and not finished with and I don’t want the world accusing me of being “needy, scary” or any number of things just because I’m struggling to sort through something and learn from it.  These type of posts will likely be very unfinished, disjointed, raw, random and conflicted and, well, the whole world just doesn’t need to see all that quagmire that I occasionally struggle with in the process of clarifying my own expectations of myself and my life and my relationships.
  • It is about someone I know and I can’t adequately alter the details enough to disguise the characters and story without doing damage to the heart of the experience, but I want to keep the story and still keep it anonymous.
  • I simply just don’t want everyone in the world reading it and in this case, I might not give out the password to anyone.

Why would I not give out the password to anyone?

Writing in this format helps me clarify my thoughts because I have a better sense of writing for purpose and audience (even if that audience is me) than I do in a paper journal or even a digital journal.  I also don’t have to worry about retrieving the material if my hard drive should crash.  In the end, the reason I started this blog, and the reason I continue it is for my purposes alone…not so much to pander to an audience…though at times…I do this too but not in the password protected posts. 

How do you get the password?

Leave a comment specifying which post(s) you want the password for and I’ll email it to you or if it is possible to email me from this site directly, do it and I’ll email you the password if I determine you are a fairly safe person for that particular post. 

Also, one password will not fit all the posts so just because you have the password for one post, doesn’t mean it will work for all posts.  (I don’t know if you can email me directly.  Can you?)

One thought on “Password Protected Posts

  1. What I took from this post:
    1. quagmire is a great word and I should implement it into my vocabulary
    2. I may or may not be a safe person
    3. You love your friends enough to not cause peril

    Haha…unlike you, I only have like 2 readers although I can not name them because I don’t really have 2 readers. Therefore, I am really my only reader, so I do not need passwords. Maybe one of these days I’ll grow to your level. =)


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