I don’t know which is more exhausting, starting up an exercise program for the first time after being out of shape for a long time or cleaning out the junk mail paper pile that comes with the bills every month.  I so need a paper shredder.

How do you keep on top of all the paper pile so you don’t spend half a day every month just cleaning it out?

4 thoughts on “Which?

  1. Ugh….good question! We try to throw the junk mail into the recycel before it even enters the house. Other than that, I have not found out an easy trick. I hate the mess. I’m thinking more and more that it’s time to go with e-satements. I don’t need the clutter, but I could sure use more trees!


    1. Yep, I do the same thing too, but it still ends up piling up. I do have e-statements for most of my bills. It’s the junk that I should just toss, but don’t that takes over. That combined with the stuff I think I should keep but am not sure what to do with. Makes me crazy.


  2. I open the mail while standing by the sink. The recycle bin is under the sink. I toss it in there right away, along with all the empty envelopes from bills and the inserts. I put all the bills in a stack and then carry them right upstairs and put them on my desk.


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