Adding Another New Year’s Resolution: More Meandering Through Cyberspace

Not really more “meandering”.  I barely have time to do the things I want to do online or in life, let alone to  spend more time just cruising through Cyperspace without some very specific motive in mind.  In spite of my time crunch, I’ve decided to burden myself with yet another New Year’s Resolution:  I need to become more technologically savvy.

Now, to some who know me, that statement will elicit raucous laughter and a major rolling of the eyes.  Those would be the people who see me as already technologically literate.  They are the ones who say, “Hell, if she can’t figure it out, I’m not even going to try!”  They are also the ones who don’t know how to accept an appointment request in Outlook either…and email is a challenging thing to them.  Mention the word chat, and these people think you mean an oral discussion over coffee at Starbuck’s.  Text messaging is ridiculously slow and of no value to them and Twitter is something birds do in the spring.

Little does this group know how very little I really know.  I only know a little more than they do.  The difference is, I’ve spent a lot of time becoming really good at what aspects of technology I do know.  I also make the same mistakes often enough that when my techie illiterate friends ask for help I can bail them out.  (So, don’t tell them my secret, okay, because it kinda feels good to be considered a little knowledgeable about some things on occasion.)

I don’t know how some people do it.  They seem to have a lot of time to explore stuff out there in Cyberspace.  I spend a fair amount of time online, but like the person who favors the same route to and from work every day, I tend to visit the same places again and again.  I’m not much of an adventurer that way.  Plus, my computer is sooooooo old that surfing the net requires that I wait several minutes after every mouse click for a page to load.  I’m exhausted before I begin.

Today, a real gem of a blogger was Meandering Through Cyberspace and stopped in at my other blog, Welcome To CABsPlace!  Fortunately for me, said blogger left a comment and I followed her home.  I think following her blog will help me accomplish my newest New Year’s Resolution.  Since she meanders through cyberspace and reports on it, I might be able to save some time and get some perspective from those who spend more time out there than I am able to.  Her post today highlighted the differences between Facebook and Twitter and she links to other sites and resources throughout her posts which make it very helpful for people like me with almost no time in a day to surf.  Check out Meandering Through Cyberspace.  It’s another one for the blogroll if you ask me!

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