What Do You Do When You Procrastinate?


Top 10 Things I Do When I Procrastinate:

  1. Something, anything else.
  2. Blog.
  3. Check email.
  4. Clean house.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Nothing.
  7. Putter in the yard.
  8. Re-arrange the living room.
  9. Go browsing.  I can’t shop, I have no money!
  10. Write about procrastinating.

So what am I avoiding tonight?

  1. The Dinner Hour chaos
  2. Grading papers
  3. Working out…but I’m going to do it really I am!
  4. Laundry
  5. The paper pile on my desk
  6. Making the kids clean their rooms (that’s always a fun experience)
  7.  Cleaning my bedroom (why does it have to be the depository for every unwanted or undetermined possession we have?  Isn’t that what the garage is for?)
  8. Grocery shopping
  9. Cleaning
  10. Following up on kids who are procrastinating on chores, homework and room cleaning.
  11. Maybe a little bit of life (I’m kind of in a little bit of a funk, I guess.  Not sure why.  I’m not really unhappy about anything, though.  I mean, I ended last month with a $6.28 balance in my checking account which is pretty awesome considering it took me a year to catch up from making payments on two homes  (this one and the travel trailer I evacuated to before the ceasefire was ordered).  It’s also a good thing since last month was Christmas and well since I’m on a cash only basis that made everything much tighter.  To some that might be deplorable, but to me, it just means I’m not starting the year out behind or further in debt and that’s a very good thing for me.  So, I don’t get the funk, or the procrastination other than to say that it might be a bit of a minor collapse after the tense week I had last week.

Okay, so enough about me.  You know you procrastinate too.  What do you do when you procrastinate? And what are you avoiding right now?

6 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You Procrastinate?

  1. The internet … a procrastinator’s Shangri-La!

    But I’m not procrastinating anything at the moment. Well … I guess exercising, eating better and getting fitter. But I’m busy writing a novel … more important than good health, right?


  2. I dunno, I’ll get back to you in a little bit about that.

    (THAT WAS A JOKE.) Hahaha.

    By the way, love your blog header. Where’d you find that?

    I procrastinate about tons of stuff – like the yard that needs fixing and the pile of rubbish that needs to go to the dump – nearly 2 years later. I just close the blinds on that side of the house and don’t look.

    I read blogs. I read email. I surf Craigslist looking for furniture and projects to bring home, but I never do because I don’t have $ or room to do the projects.

    I go for a long walk.

    Good post.


  3. Things I should be doing:
    1. Homework
    2. Cleaning the living room
    3. Making sure all of my grades are in
    4. Replying to emails
    5. Paying a few bills (ick! Please let me keep my money just a little bit longer!)
    6. Cleaning the kitchen
    7. Cleaning the freezer
    8. Unpacking all of these stupid boxes that are everywhere
    9. Turn the little room into a guest room instead of a storage room
    10. Finish the painting – touch up and the bathroom
    11. TAXES
    That’s good enough for now. Always so much to do!!!

    What do I do instead:
    1. Log onto myspace and bank my mobster money
    2. Post blogs
    3. Surf blogs
    4. Check the ski report even though I am not allowed to ski this season
    5. Watch the cats spas out
    6. Listen to the kids fight and try to remain sane although my sanity is clearly debatable
    7. Maybe watch a movie or a show
    8. Find a reason to go to the store – I must need milk, eggs, bread, SOMETHING
    9. I think it’s time for bed.



  4. I either get really tired or really interested in bad TV when I don’t want to do something. Sometimes I get super helpful and help someone else when I don’t want to do something that’s on my own plate. Somehow I don’t have to feel as guilty for not getting to my own stuff.

    I’m pretty good at noticing my behavior and know that I need take a closer look at what it is I don’t want to do. I figure out if I
    a)really need to do it
    b)need to do it right now
    c)can hand it off to someone else who might like doing it or
    d)do I need to take the task into really small un offensive or scary steps.

    I am great at procrastinating at cleaning too!! I set a kitchen timer and do a “speed clean” when the timers done, by golly, so am I!!!

    Love your honest tone, will be back to visit this blog often.


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