Librarian47’s Good Websites Blog

Every now and then I come across a blogger who does something a little different.  When I do, I usually let the creative genius know how really jealous I am of them (my way of saying, “Excellent job!  I wish I’d thought of it!”) and I do a write up, if I have time, and add their link to my blog.  Librarian47 is an experienced reference librarian and his knowledge shows in his posts.  His blog, Good Websites, features a variety of sites.  Some of them are popular, many of them are unique, some are completely obscure, some leave you wondering how he stumbled on that one but all of them are interesting.  Sadly, I couldn’t let Librarian47 know how jealous of him I am.  Never in a million years (well maybe in a million) could I pull off a blog like that.  The guy spends his life doing research. It’s all I can do to get a measly post a day on a couple of blogs.  I suspect he could find the most obscure needle in the Internet haystack if he needed to.  So, instead of being jealous, since I clearly can’t even step into the ring of his genius, I must simply stand, take off my proverbial hat to him and proclaim, “Well done!”   Then after the ovation dies down I’ll turn to you, my devoted readers (all 5 of you) and enthusiastically urge you to go check this guy’s site out!  It’s definitely another one for the blogroll!

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