Glorious! Glorious!

There are days that just go so gloriously well it can’t even be imagined.  There are other days that become so gloriously comical it can’t even be believed.  Then there are other days that just so beautifully and gloriously shine indications of summer upon you that you can’t despair.

Today was all of those for me.

It went gloriously well in spite of many opportunities for potential disaster.  No disasters.  All success.

It was gloriously comical in that after I completed the wonderful parenting presentation to parents…I went home and had immediate cause to implement everything I’d talked about in order to keep child 3 from destroying child 4.  Well, maybe destroying is quite and extreme term but if you are a parent, you know exactly what I mean.

And, as I traveled home for a brief break between school and evening presentation the sun hit my rear view mirror at just the right angle as to be blinding.  The entire late afternoon was swathed in gold reminiscent of a summer sunset. Had the temps outside been something other than the 50 degrees they were, even I might have mistaken this afternoon for a midsummer’s afternoon dream.  Sigh. 

I hate the months of January, February and March.  I’m such a summer and fall type person.  Today had every indication of being a beautiful summer day, except for the dismal number on thermometer. 

I am enjoying the longer days, the later sunsets and the increasingly warmer temps.  I long for summer. 

Summer is simply glorious!

6 thoughts on “Glorious! Glorious!

  1. That’s a lot of gloriousness. Ever say or read a word so many times in close succession that it starts sounding funny? Sort of loses its meaning?

    So what exactly does it mean when something is glorious?

    What’s the difference between gloriously comical and gloriously well? Couldn’t you just as well have used the word “exceptionally” in every instance? What does “gloriously” have that “exceptionally” doesn’t? Was it the connotation of a heavenly quality you were after?

    If thou canst answer these questions with style and aplomb, the glory shall by thine and thine alone.


    1. Kip,
      Ever write a word so many times in close succession that it sort starts sounding funny and you just want to keep writing silly? If so, then you understand my gloriously silly mood last night. And, no, I couldn’t have used the word exceptionally because that would be a word I use too often in real life anyway.

      As for style and aplomb, I know not…and it is gloriously okay with me that I don’t!


  2. Style and aplomb in spades, as expected.

    Thank heaven for silly moods and moments. Far be it from me to rob you of them, if I even could. In fact, allow me to help you celebrate them:

    O that most peculiar way
    In which we change from day to day
    How often we look back and say
    How silly I was yesterday

    And when we are about to die
    And cast our eyes up to the sky
    Perhaps we’ll look back once again
    And seeing how silly we’ve always been
    A fit of giggles will us enthrall
    So thus to silliness we fall
    Even in our dying day

    Perhaps we never change at all


    1. Kip,
      You wait. I’ll get you. How unfair of you to deliver that subtle challenge of creativity to me at the end of what must be the most intense week I’ve lived…hmmm…since my last marriage spiraled out of control. 🙂 This was a good intense week but, still, I’m fried. Couldn’t respond creatively if I tried.
      But the best parts of us, hopefully, never ever change.
      Ever think of how sweet a child’s innocent giggles are? It is okay to fall to silliness every now and again, I think.


  3. It’s more than okay. It’s necessary.

    And it wasn’t meant as a creative challenge. Just something to elicit a smile. Hope it did.


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