Big Gifts!

Prerequisite reading:  Go to my  earlier post titled, “Sleepovers and ReGifting: Fundamentals of a Good Marriage”, read it then come back here. 

This just in from ReGifting Friend and her husband who have been married a long, long time.  Apparently they were discussing when they’d exchange gifts over the holidays. 

He:  Hey!  Do you want me to give you my big gift now?

She:  (smiling sweetly) Oh, I’ve been waiting for your “big gift” for a long, long time now.

He:  (shakes head and walks away).

That’s two for Regifting Friend.           

Her husband?  Well,  he seems to have lots of gifts and, after all, they are still married and happily so, it seems. 

I’m thinking she enjoyed all her gifts this holiday season.

2 thoughts on “Big Gifts!

  1. Hey Chicka, Loved the story. By the way this is Mexico’s friend’s husband. We should get together for some Beck’s and I could tell you exploits for hours. Many that would make you cry in laughter. Ask Mexico Friend about our first official date and when the moon came out. This will be a surprise to her so have fun with it. MFH


    1. MF Husband,
      Wow thanks for reading and commenting! Methinks another story is in the works with the 1st Date and the Moonlight. I will definitely have fun with this one! Thanks for the ammo!


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