Procrastinator’s Demise

How can it possibly be more difficult to sit down and write something now that I have eons of time at my disposal without the multudinous interuptions of children and the requirements of having to show up to work?

I don’t get it.

It’s nearly two in the afternoon.  I slept in this morning and needed the rest.  Here it is and after screwing my morning away with cleaning out my inbox, making breakfast, having coffee, talking on the phone to one person and wasting hours of time on interactive web sites trying to pick out paint colors using models of kitchens that look nothing like mine (nor do they look anything like most homes I’ve ever been in that would even be painted by a do-it-yourselfer) I find that my day is almost over and I’ve accomplished zilch.  Okay, wait.  I just put in one load of laundry. 

This is bad!  This is not me!  I’m usually a powerhouse of steady, effective task completion.

Sigh.  It’s because I have to clean the house and I hate cleaning the house.  Okay, lie.  I don’t hate cleaning the house, I hate getting started on it.  I love the results of a clean home and once I get started the momentum of seeing things sparkle really motivates me, but right now…I’m putting getting started off.

Like getting started on that novel swimming around in my mind.  Like getting started on changing out those light fixtures or fixing the leak in the hot tub (because it’s going to be freaking cold out there!) like avoiding Christmas shopping because every stop signal I waste ten minutes at is another gift for one of the children.  Like going back to church.  Like figuring out the next steps in my career.  Like finishing those books sitting on my bedside table.  Ewww!  Like cleaning off the mountainous paperwork on my desk.  Like figuring out what’s wrong with the electric fireplace in my bedroom. 

I think I’m going through a phase of procrastinating at life.  The demise of the procrastinator is that it eventually all catches up with you.  It will catch up with me if I don’t get going.  It will catch up to me about the time the kids walk in the door and I realize I’m not at all “ready” because I haven’t done all the things I could have done to ensure that I’m relaxed and not working like a dog when they come back.  It will catch up to me then if it doesn’t catch up before.  Then there will be stress and I will regret the waste of time.

Alright.  I’m not sure I’m any more motivated than I was, but I sure don’t want to put things off any longer.  Besides, I want to sit in my hot tub this week, when the tub is full and the water is warm.  It’s not so much fun with two inches of freezing cold water in there.

2 thoughts on “Procrastinator’s Demise

  1. Maybe you should schedule time in to do it and not make any excuses to not do it. Once you meet your goal, give yourself a pat on the back. Try this every day. Maybe twenty minutes dedicated to writing, then give yourself a chocolate bar for being so good. Hope this helps.



    1. Ceylan,
      Thanks so much for the comments and ideas. I love the idea about scheduling in the time. My schedule is definitely out of control these days…that’s really not typical of me…which is why I’m struggling. The part about the chocolate bar…hmmm…that probably won’t work for me…but I get your point. A reward at the end is always a good thing.


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