A Convivial Noel To You

Here you go.  This is a homework assignment my daughter asked me for help with.  Thought you might like this too. 

Can You Name This Christmas Carol?

1.  Nocturnal noislessness

2.  Quadruped with the crimson proboscis

3.  Monarchial triad

4. Yonder in a feeder

5. Righteous darkness

6. Youthful male percussionist

7. Father Christmas en route to muicipality

8. The Primary Christmas

9. Query regarding the identity of descendent

10. Diminutive Judean village

11. Ancient benevolent despot

12. Adorn the corridors

13. Exuberance for the planet

14. Give attention to the melodious celestial beings

15. Tin tintinnabulums

16. A dozen 24-hour Yule periods

17. Befell during the transparent bewitching hour

18. Homo sapien of crystallized vapor

19. Singular yearning for twin anterior incisors

20. To espy matriarchal osculation of fat man in red

21. Perambulating through a December solstice fantasy

22. Aloft on the acme of the abode

23. Frozen preciptiation commence

24. Hence arriveth Kris Kringle

25. Jehovah dulcify blithe chevaliers

and my favorite re-naming…

26. Endocarp desiccated in a conflagration

But it’s not my favorite Christmas carol. 

Can you correctly identify them all?  How many can you figure out without using the dictionary?  Yeah!  No fair looking up the answers online, my goodness!  Anyone can do that. 

I’ll post the answers one diurnal course after yuletide.

A Convivial Noel to all!

One thought on “A Convivial Noel To You

  1. One diurnal course? You slay me. But be careful using words like that … you’re bound to get a comment from one of those geniuses out there, saying “yeah, diurnal … uh, that’s like a urinal, right?”


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