Write Out Loud

I’ve stopped reading books for the fun of the story.  I’ve stopped reading anything for the mere fun of reading it, or the knowledge I’ll gain or for the pure enjoyment of story.  I’ve begun reading the writer.  I’ve started taking a little bit of an analytical approach to my reading.  Not much, but a little.  I now pick up stuff that I would never read for the sake of the content, but if the author has a certain interesting way of presenting his or her ideas I read the book.  This has changed what I read dramatically.  I generally used to read for the purpose of gaining information and being entertained.  Thus, I would stick pretty closely to non-fiction topics I was interested in and if fiction, espionage or cold war stories.

I’m now reading more chick-lit, self-help and humor books but only if the writer is good. 

I do the same with blogs.  I find it isn’t so much what is said (though some of the things people come up with are amazing) as it is how it is delivered.

One blog that someone forwarded to me today, definitely fits in my good writing styles bank of resources.  She’ll go on my blogroll, because she is funny, articulate, and she has a way with the craft that I, to be honest, envy.  It makes me wonder what she would be like to talk to, and whether she is actually in stand up comedy somewhere. Anyway, checkout ElloElle’s blog here.  I like reading this writer, maybe you will too.

One thought on “Write Out Loud

  1. There is definitely a different way you read as a writer, you look for those phrases that delight you — as well as the sentences that both make you cringe and pat yourself on the back at the same time


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