Who Says Real Estate Is an Investment??!!!!!!

I am ready to sell this freaking fixer upper at a loss just to get out of it.  I am sick of all the little crap that goes wrong that I have no idea how to fix.  To figure it out takes days, weeks, and costs millions of lives.  I can’t do this any longer. 

I had a friend come in and fix the freaking drip in the kids’ bathroom which is the larger bathroom in my home.  Now, the hot water won’t freaking even turn on.  I am pissed.  Shuffling four children through my bathroom in a day (and my bathroom is the size of a broom closet and the shower alone only holds half a human being) is completely unrealistic. 

I’m thinking I want a rental, that I sign a forever lease on which keeps my rent the same, protects me from them selling the friggin’ property out from under me and requires the landlord to do the handyman work. 

The other option is to find and marry Prince Charming.  He only has to be good at three things:  home repairs, sex, and conversation.   Okay, it would be good if he picked up after himself and had a job.  Now, what the hell odds are those? 

I’m doomed!

6 thoughts on “Who Says Real Estate Is an Investment??!!!!!!

  1. What are the chance? Slim and none! But I’d try out for “slim” LOL!

    Or get a good book on basic home repair – NYTimes is a great one for neophytes or just plain frustrated women.


  2. Hammer,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I would love to know the name of the NYTimes book on basic home repair which you referred to in your comment. I guess I qualify as both a neophyte AND a frustrated woman…so…maybe I should get that book!


  3. I’m a master plumber in north Texas, I also have several rental properties, so if you ever need to, please feel free to pick my brain….if nothing else, i can at least tell you what not to do :).


  4. Jeff,
    Thanks for commenting and for your offer of help. Too bad you aren’t a plumber in Oregon. I need to find one I can trust or pick your brain till I know what I’m doing. Between your help and Hammer’s book, I ought to fare pretty well in getting up to speed on my little fixer here.


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