How Very Good My Life Is

So, in the past few posts I’ve bemoaned my dire straights,

Griped about my misadventures and frustrations.

But Tuesday of this week

or maybe it was Monday

I was sitting there

at my reading group table

surveying the activity in my classroom.

At one table: students reading

and talking to an adult about their perceptions.

In tables around the room…

students, reading independently, books

of their own choosing.

Reading aloud…

because they still struggle with reading…

But they are reading.

And it is noisy.

Then…at my table… students

repeating and reading

words, sentences

and stories

most of them dull

to me

but difficult for them

and suddenly I realized

how very good my life is.

I am not homeless or hungry.

I own my own home and don’t have to worry

about where I will sleep tonight

or what I will eat.

My own children have a home and a loving mom

and all of us can read.

It is not a struggle.

Except to find the time.

And I realized that I have the rare good fortune

of being employed

at a job

that I truly love

and which matters…

maybe not to most people in our country…

maybe not to the legislators in my state…

but it certainly matters to the ones I teach

and they show me daily

by laughing with me

by writing me love notes on the backs of spelling papers

by waving to me on the way to school in the morning

by telling me “Miz B, You Rock”

by racing me in book reading,

by doing their best.

They want to please me,

but I want them to have good lives.

Lives that they choose, not that

they are relegated to.

I am deeply grateful…

How very good my life is.

One thought on “How Very Good My Life Is

  1. at the moment, my life is blessed more than it ever has been. i am happy that i have grown to realize that fact, and, without intention of being conceited, that i can say i have something to do with such blessings. applying the same theory to you, you are not only a person who is capable of realizing that your life is good and that you are grateful, you have contributed so much to your good life. Miz B, You Rock. with respect, kamuy


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