Clogged Sewers, Part 2

I’ve been asked to follow up on what happened with the plumber.  The reason I haven’t followed up before now is because nothing happened with the plumber. 

He did indeed come over with steaks and wine.  It was a nice benign evening.  (Of course, what else am I going to say with bazillions of my family, friends and strangers reading this?).  He actually came over a couple of nights later…for a second date.  During this date, I found out, he’s 37 and still married.  Game over. 

It didn’t matter.  He didn’t call again anyway and the “he’s just not that into me” feeling was definitely mutual…especially given the circumstances.

Now I have a cleanout that needs to be upgraded, my drains are working fine and I actually fixed the leak in the kids’ bathroom with the help of a friend.  I actually now know what to do the next time the problem occurs.  The cleanout can wait till next summer.  I plan to work on the yard then anyway. 

And, I still think the plumber thing was funny…

5 thoughts on “Clogged Sewers, Part 2

  1. I’m glad about the plumber. But married? Wow, I didn’t see that coming!
    May his plunger forever lose its suction.
    And you have at least eight months of worry-free flushes.



  2. That plumber was more interested in laying pipe than cleaning it. Were the steaks premium? How bout the wine? Should tell you something! McCain and Obama debated about the taxes that $250K a year plumber would pay in their 3rd debate. Hope they were flets and a nice 2002 Red Zinfandel.

    You got taken. Be patient! Some pirate will come along sooner than later! LOL!


  3. Brian,
    Well you’re right about the plumber…but in spite of his “interest”. I made out like a bandit. I ended up with unclogged drains, had a wonderful barbecued tri tip dinner with a nice bottle of Merlot fixed for me, and none the worse for the wear. Oh, and he took nothing from me except a reduced payment since he was doing the work on the side and not through the company…so…I even saved money. I’m thinking he got taken. LOL! And…so…I’m waiting for that pirate. Might he be heading toward Bermuda anytime soon? Wonder if he has room for a stowaway?


  4. Jack,
    Yeah, I didn’t see that coming either. And, yes, at least 8 months of worry free flushing and I know how to use the snake the next time I need to do it. Yes, I’m hoping his plunger plunges limply as well!!!


  5. A good pirate always checks for stowaways, arrgh1, except, in the forepeak where all the sails are stored one has been know to slip through. Once at sea, they are usually impressed into service, for the duration of the voyage, and usually start on the silver rock shaker until they pass muster. It doesn’t take much, however to impress this parrot-wearing pirate, and opportunities for advancement are aplenty, and usually handsomely rewarded. I reckon, if they’re worth their salt, they can move right up to first-mate before landfall, and get their equal share of the booty. Arrgh!


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