Out of the Clear Blue…No, Out of the Clogged Sewer!

You are never going to believe this!  My sewer backed up again.  You know, the ugly time when you are just doing your business, then you go to flush your business and the water level in the toilet bowl, instead of going down, rises, rises, rises and slops over onto your bathroom floor.  Ick!!!!  Well, that was my wonderful weekend.  It also happened to be a weekend that I was suffering from some kind of Montezuma’s Revenge either from stress or poor diet…or maybe both.  Anyway, this was not a fun experience.  Then to see it not only overflow onto  my bathroom floor, but to back up into my shower and my bathtub in the other bathroom, well, it was a bit much.  Of course, all this happened after I paid all the bills online and didn’t have enough to pay a plumber without overdrafting my account.  Sigh.  Such has been my year. 

So, I call the plumbing company I usually call. I know the problem is roots growing into the drainage system. I know exactly where the cleanout is.  I have an older home, this happens every year.  My ex used to just take the snake and deal with it but he’s not here so now I pay to get that taken care of, because I’m not strong enough to handle the equipment on my own and I’m not even sure what I’d need.  Well, you won’t believe this but…

…the plumber is coming over with tri-tip steaks and two bottles of Merlot!!!!  LOL! 

Life can be hysterically funny at times!

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