Deplorable Behavior of “Theists”

Paul Sunstone over at his blog titled, “Cafe Philos”, has tacked a “Scarlett A” on his sight and declared that he is “pissed at the way atheists are treated in America”.  (See his full article titled, “Standing Up For Nontheists Like Nicole” here.) I agree with him in that the behavior he describes is deplorable.

I am what Paul would prbably describe as a theist.  Worse, yet, I could probably fall quite squarely in the middle of what most people refer to as “the religious right”, though I am neither religious nor right in my behavior or political perspectives.  I have done more than my full day pondering the metaphysics that Paul refers to in his article, and having grown up in an atheist/agnostic home, I have decided for myself that a theist approach is one I prefer. It was not mere rebellion to my parents way of doing things.  It was carefully researched and considered over a number of years and I do revisit the question regularly.  I have also done my share of really skanky things and poor choices.  However,  I am ashamed at the behavior of those “theists” Paul describes.   For those folks, who are out there, who profess a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ” and who are behaving toward anyone, not just theists, but anyone who doesn’t “profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”, hateful behavior like this is deplorable and antithetical to the very purposes of Christ. 

I am once again ashamed and saddened by the reality that those who, at least theoretically, ought to have a clear grasp on the good qualities of love, forgiveness, tolerance, kindness, patience, peace, self-control and a whole host of other fine attributes espoused by most theists regardless of their religious leanings, simply do not.  We, and I claim guilt by association not by agreement, ought never to behave this way! 

If Jesus walked the earth today, He would never, ever have treated Nicole or anyone else with such vile hatred or contempt.  Of that, I am absolutely certain.

7 thoughts on “Deplorable Behavior of “Theists”

  1. Good call.

    For all my atheistic hankerings, I wouldn’t have nearly as big a problem with religion if the majority of religious individuals were as forthright as yourself in denoucning the way wicked people use religion to give themselves the illusion of divine sanction for their wickedness.


  2. Thank you for the mention! I agree with you that Jesus would not have condoned the behavior I’ve described in my post on Nicole. By the way, I have nothing against theism or theists in general. At least 85% of Americans are theists, according to the polls, and most Americans are, in my opinion, pretty decent folk. Good post!


  3. From Billy
    Shield of Faith

    “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench
    all the fiery darts of the wicked”. {Ephesians 6 v16}.

    Do you feel that you are under attack from many directions; you know health, finances, and family problems? Well, do not think that it is strange when you seem to be facing so many troubles, for many Christians who have lived this life before you have faced the same trials and tribulations. Yet they were always able to quench every fiery dart which came their way, by putting their faith in the name of Jesus and His redeeming blood.




  4. Dear cornishevangelist,
    Hey thanks for stopping in to comment here at The Wild Mind. The verse you quoted is a great one, however, when Christians behave in an ungodly manner and we are criticized for it, those criticisms are not the “fiery darts” we should necessarily be quenching. Shouldn’t we be taking a look at our behavior, in light of God’s word and making some much needed changes instead. I guess I’m not sure what you meant by your post and how it related to mine. I’d love for you to clarify.
    Thanks again for reading and commenting!


  5. Paul,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was wondering if you’d get wind of this. I appreciate your vote of confidence. I know you have nothing against theists and, hopefully, you didn’t sense that I implied that here. Agreed, most Americans are pretty decent folk.


  6. thenonconformer,

    Thanks for stopping by, reading my post and leaving a comment.

    Never would God (and neither would I) forbid you to glory in the cross of Jesus Christ! But if one declares that position or relationship while being disrespectful and cruel to others on the basis that they do not live or believe as you do, then something is askew, isn’t it? That hateful behavior toward others is counterproductive to Christ’s purposes and does not achieve the reconcilation He died to obtain for us. It just isn’t very loving behavior in the end, and the world knows it, sees it and calls us to task for it as well they should. We, by our own declaration, are called to behave better than that.


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